• Homebrew: Monster Mash

    3 weeks ago
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    I've always held back from brewing very strong beers as I like proper drinking beer, rather than sipping beer.   However I've got plenty of beer under the stairs, so can afford to take the extra time to ferment out a strong beer & wait for it to mature that bit longer in a bottle.   I only sparged with a minimum of water, but still the OG of 1.100 took me a little by suprise though.

    Mash - 1 hour 5 mins.   66ºC initially, dropping to 60ºC at the end

  • Homebrew: Diagnosis Mango

    1 month ago
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    There is a long list of ingredients on my list of Things You Can't Buy In Cumbria - one of them is mango pulp (other things include peanut milkshake, decent lime pickle, date molasses, grape soda or cheap tahini and coconut oil).   When I was down in the midlands I picked up a big can of the stuff as mango IPAs seemed to be all the rage a couple of years ago & I wanted to try making one.

    Mash - 1 hour 25 mins starting at 68ºC & falling to 63ºC at the end.

  • Homebrew: The Wizard of Agnesi

    1 month ago
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    I already brewed a Belgian brown ale & called it The Witch of Agnesi after a mathematical description of a particular curve.   This is a similar brown ale brewed with Belgian ale yeast, so I called it The Wizard of Agnesi.   This is a partigyle beer where two beers were made from one batch of wort.

    Mash - 1 hour 20 mins starting at 69ºC and allowed to fall to 62ºC.   

  • Homebrew: Magic Mountain

    1 month ago
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    This beer was formed by making two beers from one batch of beer - a parti-gyle.   I bought some Belgian ale yeast for my last brew - 'Ey You Belgian Blonde Ale - & wanted to use it again as I had such good results with it.   I called it Magic Mountain after a field of hydrothermic vents near Vancouver Island

  • Homebrew: 'Ey You Golden Ale

    2 months 2 weeks ago
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    I decided to brew a golden beer using cara malt & Belgian Ale yeast.

    Mash: 1 hour 15 mins.   Started at 72ºC and fell to 67ºC.   This should give me a slightly fuller bodied beer than normal, as would suit the style.

    4 Kg pale malt

    1 Kg Cara malt

    1 teaspoon MgSO4

    1 teaspoon CaSO4

    1/2 teaspoon NaCl

    Boil: 1 hour 15 mins.  

    100g Savinjski Golding pellets added 25 mins before end