Name of an American hop variety known for the citrus flavour - often described as grapefruit - it can give beers.

Homebrew: Divine Fallacy

Submitted by DM on Sun, 29/10/2017 - 19:46

A year ago I brewed a really tasty Saison from pale malt, wheat malt, acid malt & honey called Quorum Sensing.   I noted that I must brew something similar again, so I have. This time I've upped the hop additions & used a powerful flavoured one too - Chinook.  It might be more IPA, but Saison style guidelines are notoriously lax.

Mash: 1 hour 10 mins.   Starting at 69°C & falling to 63°C after 30 mins, then held there for the remaining time to produce a drier beer.

Homebrew: Cockermouth Cascade

Submitted by DM on Tue, 13/10/2015 - 19:10

Having moved from Manchester to Cumbria in the spring, I had to dig up my 3 year old Cascade hop bine - which by now was giving me more hops than I could brew with.   It's lived all summer in a large plastic bucket & I built a bamboo structure around it to support the growing limbs.   Obviously the roots were pretty hacked up & it didn't have quite the same v