Bottled Scottish Beers updated Sept 2012

Submitted by DM on Tue, 25/09/2012 - 11:46

Below are the top (beers scoring <6/10 not included) bottled Scottish ales I have tasted;

Brewery Beer Style Notes ABV Marks out of 10
Fyne Ales Avalanche Golden ale very pale beer, extremely floral, hoppy, light & refreshing 4.5 9.5
Brewdog 5am Saint Strong Ale massive citrus zest hoppiness & bitterness, chestnut-red beer, dry & lemony 5.0 9.0
Harviestoun Shiehallion Pale Ale extremely pale ale, floral hops, grapefruit, not sweet though 4.8 9.0
Cairngorm White Lady Wheat Beer a QI beer. Gently sweet malt. Delicate orange blossom & very subtle coriander. A really good drinking beer.  4.7 9.0
Atlas Latitude Highland Pilsner Lager Very much like a golden ale 3.9 8.5
Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted Pale Ale Refreshing, hoppy,citrus, clean tasting 3.8 8.5
Kelburn Brewery Kelburn Ca' Canny Ale Chocolate & coffee, malty 5.2 8.0
Isle of Arran Blonde Golden ale Good blonde ale, soft & smooth 5.0 8.0
Williams IPA IPA fair malt body, good earthy bitterness, citrussy hoppiness,  5.0 8.0
Orkney Dark Island Porter Smells sweet, roasty flavour dominates, 4.6 8.0
Traditional Scottish Ales Glencoe Organic Wild Oat Stout Stout Sweet stout but not cloying, liquorice & burnt flavours, smooth 4.5 8.0
Black Isle Organic Wheat Beer Wheat Beer Very good stereotype of style, dryish, cloves, vanilla, good body 4.5 8.0
Wagtail Stout Stout Wood smokey, dry, full 4.5 8.0
Caledonian Deuchars IPA IPA Light, easy drinking pale ale, not IPA at all, flowery & floury 4.4 8.0
Sulwath The Black Galloway Stout A touch burnt, a little smokey, malty, smooth but not really sweet 4.4 8.0
Cairngorm Trade Winds Ale Pale, clean, elderflower, dryish 4.3 8.0
Williams 80/- Ale dark red beer, strong malty body but not very sweet, a little treacle, gentle bitterness 4.2 8.0
Tryst Sir Walter Scot 80/- Ale V good bitter, some malt but plenty of hops for an 80/- 4.0 8.0
Williams Harvest Sun Golden ale Citrussy hoppy, light & fresh, some earthiness to the hops 3.9 8.0
Isle of Arran Ale Ale Good bitter, dryish 3.8 8.0
Fyne Ales Piper's Gold Pale Ale Pale, soft, dry beer, good hoppy bitterness 3.8 8.0
Brewdog Riptide Strong Ale alcohol warmth, roast malt, burnt malt bitterness 8.0 7.5
Inveralmond Brewery Lia Fail Ale Chocolatey & malty, not sweet too sweet, full bodied, 4.7 7.5
Fyne Ales Vital Spark Dark Ale Chocolatey, smooth yet dryish, gentle bitterness 4.4 7.5
Brewdog Dead Pony Club Pale Ale Almost devoid of body. A refreshing hop tea. Massively hoppy with Cascade-like hops, leaving a zingy bitterness.  3.8 7.5
BrewDog Dogma Strong Ale amber beer, with a malty sweet taste, subtle honey flavour, alcohol warmth 7.8 7.0
BrewDog Chaos Therory IPA IPA good earthy hop punch with some Noble hop aroma, some malt sweetness 7.1 7.0
BrewDog Punk IPA IPA Very pale beer with good bitterness and good, aroma hoppiness, little maltiness, quite dry 6.0 7.0
Williams Midngiht Sun Porter full bodied, subtley spicey & ginger taste 5.6 7.0
Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA IPA pale beer, some floral hop taste – cascade, not very bitter  5.3 7.0
Williams 7 Giraffes Ale Dry hoppy beer, citrussy 5.1 7.0
Williams (for Tesco) IPA IPA Malty, a little citrussy & floral, some sweetness, 5.0 7.0
Williams Joker IPA IPA good bitterness, some malty sweetness, peppery bitter aftertaste 5.0 7.0
Fyne Ales Highlander Ale Citrussy, grapefruit/orange, dryish, light mouthfeel, mid brown beer 4.8 7.0
Isle of Skye Black Cuillin Dark Ale Dry, some burnt roast malt flavour, some bitterness 4.5 7.0
Isle of Arran Dark Ale Full bodied & malty with caramel treacle tastes but not too sweet 4.3 7.0
Williams Black Porter full bodied, good burnt black malt bitterness, gentle hop bitterness, 4.2 7.0
Broughton Oatmeal Stout Stout Some burnt, some dark caramel flavours, dryish, full 4.2 7.0
Strathavon Ales Old Mortality 80/- Ale Malty, some harshness to bite 4.2 7.0
Isle of Skye Red Cuillin Ale Malty, liquorice, full 4.2 7.0
Traditional Scottish Ales Ben Nevis Organic 80/- Ale Typical 80/- ale, sweet malt flavour, some toffee-caramel  4.0 7.0
Strathavon Ales Clydesdale IPA IPA Sweetish blonde ale 3.8 7.0
BrewDog Hardcore IPA IPA massive citrus-pine hoppiness, big alcohol heat, big spicey bitter aftertaste, very OTT 9.0 6.0
Williams Ebulum Stout blackcurrant, very little bitterness, smooth & velvety like an oat stout, 6.5 6.0
Traditional Scottish Ales Double Espresso Stout intensly black sweet coffee liqueur, good roasted malt flavour. Gentle alcohol warmth to finish 6.0 6.0
Broughton Champion Double Ale Strong Ale Molasses, very malty, malty sweet, toffee, 5.5 6.0
Williams Joker Golden ale Bitter, dryish, biscuity 5.5 6.0
Williams Birds & Bees Pale Ale A little suphurous & phenolic, very pale ale, dryish, orange marmalade 5.0 6.0
Isle of Skye Blaven Ale Regular bitter, some caramel-toffee flavour but not off putting 5.0 6.0
Aviemore Caingorm Ale Golden ale Dry, biscuity, a little rough 5.0 6.0
Traditional Scottish Ales Lomond Gold Golden ale vanilla, some creaminess, some toffee sweetness 5.0 6.0
Atlas Nimbus Blonde Golden ale Rounded 5.0 6.0
Black Isle Organic Blonde Golden ale pleasant enough blonde ale that ticks the boxes for the catagory. Blonde, residual sweetness, light bitterness. 5.0 6.0
Glencoe Wild Oat Stout Stout Full bodied oat flavour 4.5 6.0
Harviestoun Haggis Hunters Ale Ale Good regular bitter 4.4 6.0
Williams Roisin Fruit beer Blackcurrant / raspberry like a framboisen but not sour, not sweet 4.2 6.0
Atlas Three Sisters Scottish Ale Ale Fruity, not too sweet 4.2 6.0
Inveralmond Brewery Ossian Golden ale Ordinary blonde ale, some delicate sweetness & earthy bitterness 4.1 6.0
Belhaven 80/- Ale Ordinary 80/- beer, malty, not very hoppy or bitter 3.9 6.0


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