Homebrew: Blueberry Sour

Submitted by DM on Mon, 03/04/2017 - 11:31

With my last beer  - Fruity Tooti - being the best beer I've brewed in ages I wanted to try another sour beer using acid malt, but using a more normal amount in the grain bill.   I thought that a fruit addition would help this beer appeal to my friends that aren't keen on sours.

Mash - 40 mins starting at 70°C and falling to 63°CBlueberry Sour

2 Kg Pilsner malt

250g acid malt

½ teaspoon MgSO4

½ teaspoon CaSO4

Boil - 30 mins

20g Simcoe hops (alpha acid 13.8%) 20 mins before end

50g Simcoe hops 10 mins before the end

10g Irish Moss 10 mins before the end

Cooled rapidly using my wort chiller to 20°C.   800g of frozen blueberries were added to the FV along with 30g of Simcoe hops in a dry hop bag & the cooled wort was splashed through 2 colanders  - to aerate - onto them.  

A sachet of Mangrove Jack's French Saison yeast was pitched into 16 litres of wort & the final temperature was recorded at 18°C.

An OG of 1.034 and a PG at bottling of 1.004 gives an alcohol level of 3.9%. A teaspoon of priming sugar per 1 litre bottle makes a final alcohol level of 4.1%.   The calculated bitterness is 70 IBU.

2 teaspoons of pectolase enzyme were added to the fermenting wort to help reduce haze & release sugars.

Bottled after 8 days in the FV.

Verdict on bottling - the beer is a lovely pink colour & tastes similar to a sharp rose wine.   Interesting!

The beer is clearing slowly and gassing up nicely. I opened the last bottle to be filled which I usually use as a tester opened early to indicate how the beer's maturing.

Not dominantly blueberry flavoured - although a pleasant shade of purple-pink - but a very pale beer.

Not nearly as sour as Fruity Tooti - containing just over twice as much acid malt - but still has a decent tart taste. The hops have no significant addition to the overall taste, which is strange given the amount added.

I'll wait a week or so before opening the other bottles.


This beer is now highly carbonated & dry now as I'd expect from the Saison yeast.   Served from the fridge it is a good looking pink blush colour with a pink tinged head.   The fruit & the sour from the acid malt go together well.   I'm so glad I made plenty of this beer as it's a real sunny day refreshing drink.   There's plenty going on in there, but the Simcoe hops aren't very influential.

Lovely stuff.   I must make sour fruit beers more like it.