Homebrew: West Coast IPA

Submitted by DM on Mon, 29/05/2017 - 16:02

Having brewed a great session IPA using El Dorado & a good one using Chinook hops I took advantage of the opportunity to brew a slightly stronger, super hoppy IPA using both hops plus some Cascade.

Mash - starting at 68°C and falling to 59°C at the end of 1 hour.

3 Kg of pale malt

Boil - 1 hour 15 mins

45 mins from end  - 40g Cascade hops (7.5% alpha acid) & 60g Chinook (12.7% aa) hops

15 mins from end - 20g Cascade, 50g Chinook & 100g El Dorado (14.8 % aa) hops

10 mins from end - 5g Irish Moss

Cooled with my wort chiller to 20°C and overdosed with Mangrove Jack's M-44 yeast recovered from my last brew. 

Dry hopped with 15g Chinook & 80g El Dorado.

15 litres of wort collected at an OG of 1.044 & an FG of 1.010 which should give me a beer of around 4.5% alcohol, 4.6% once the priming sugar has fermented away.

Bottled after 5 days.

Verdict on bottling: strongly bitter with the Chinook dominating the El Dorado hop character. Hoppiness in spades. This'll do nicely.

Bitterness smoothed out now & this is mostly an uber hoppy tropical fruit & citrus beer. Despite using 100% pale malt it's a darker amber colour than a anticipated.

I could drink this all night.

Really dry now, with some bitter astringency alongside the strong hop bitterness.   The hoppiness is still the most striking thing about this beer with a herbal taste amongst the pine & citrus pithiness.

I really like this beer, but the 100% El Dorado hop pale ale I brewed previously was much more my kind of thing - more tropical fruit, less pine & citrus.