Homebrew: Meikleour Hedge

Submitted by DM on Tue, 18/07/2017 - 18:41

Much as I love the New World varieties, there are some English hops I like - I just tend to not make stuff I can readily buy in the shops.   This should be a traditional English Bitter, but with the hoppiness & bitterness ramped up.

Mash: 45 mins.   Held at 68°C for 20 mins then allowed to fall to 64°C in the last 25.

2.5 Kg of pale malt

200g crystal malt

270g of rye malt

Boil: 40 mins.

First Gold hops (10.2% alpha acid) added; 30g 40mins from end; 30g 30mins from end & 30g 10 mins from end.

The wort was cooled using a chiller & splashed through a colander into the fermentation vessel containing a sachet of Mangrove Jack's M44 West Coast Yeast.   10g of First Gold hops were added as dry hops.

This yielded 17 litres of wort with an OG of 1.042 & FG of 1.012 which should give a beer of 4.0% alcohol & a calculated bitterness of 90 IBU.

Verdict on bottling: Another very cloudy beer, despite 9 days primary fermentation.   I've brewed beer without Irish Moss before several times & I've done short boils before, but the combination of the two appears to result in very hazy beer. Plenty of hoppiness, but neither a herbal, earthy nor grapefruity taste - more orangey & generically fruity on the nose & tongue.

Another cloudy beer with no sign of the haze clearing.   That'll teach me to skimp on the boil time and forget the Irish Moss!

The First Gold hops give it a bold orangey-fruity taste.   The sweetness of the crystal malt & the grainy, spiciness of the rye is evident.  It's a decent beer to sit in front of the telly with in an evening and I dare say several friends will prefer it to me.

Damn that cloud though!