Homebrew: 'tis the Saison

Submitted by DM on Sun, 19/11/2017 - 10:37

I've made some great Saisons in the last year or so and decided to get back into making more.   I split the wort made into two, with the first half making Cockermouth Kolsch.   The second half made this beer.

Mash no.1: 1 hour 30 mins at 65°C falling to 63°C for the final 30 mins

4Kg extra pale Maris Otter malt

2g NaCl

2g CaSO4

2g MgSO4

Mash no.2: 30 mins at 67°C and allowed to fall naturally.   The temp and length of time for conversion isn't as critical as mash no.1 as the malts have very little starch and no enzymatic power.

20g Chocolate malt

20g Black malt

20g Roasted barley

Boil: 1 hour 10 mins

75g Savinjski Goldings pellets added 60 mins from end

25g Savinjski Goldings pellets added 15 mins from end

5g Irish Moss added 15 mins from end

The wort from mash no.1 was chilled using a wort chiller to 16°C.   Saison yeast slurry - harvested from Divine Fallacy - was poured into an FV along with the wort from mash no.2, 50g of honey & 100g of brown sugar.   The remainder of the wort from mash no.1 was splashed through two colanders into the FV along with some water to make the volume up to 12 litres.   Finally 100g of Savinjski Goldings pellets were added as dry hops.

An OG of 1.036 and a bottling gravity of 1.002 was recorded, which should give me a beer with around 4.5% alcohol.

Bottled after 6 days at 18°C and 2 at 4°C.

It misses the acid malt I put in my other saisons, but it has a good - if rather tame - earthy, slightly funky flavour.

Crystal clear and an orange-brown colour. This will dry out better given a few weeks to mature.

It misses the sour acidity of the last saison I made - Divine Fallacy. A little funky, but just not different enough from an ordinary ale to stand out. Nice enough, but I don't bother to brew it again.