Homebrew: Strawberry & Lemon Wheat Fields

Submitted by DM on Sun, 28/01/2018 - 07:15

I ran out of beer to drink.   I discovered that my Saisons taste way better with acid malt in.   I remembered how good Tooti Fruiti (a sour, lemon & lime zest beer) tasted.   I also found loads of dried strawberries (containing no sulphites) massively discounted in a shop.   I put all these things together & a Berliner wiesse was formulated with half the brew being made with Strawberries & half with lemon.

Mash: 1 hour starting at 69ºC & falling naturally to 63ºC.

2.5Kg extra pale Maris Otter malt

1.0 Kg torrified wheat

1.0 Kg acid malt

5g MgSO4

5g CaSO4

2g sea salt

Boil: 1 hour

100g Savinjski Golding pellets 30 mins from end

10g Irish Moss 20 mins from end

100g Savinjski Golding pellets 15 mins from end

100g Savinjski Golding pellets 10 mins from end

100g Savinjski Golding pellets 5 mins from end

540g dried strawberries added 5 mins before end.

The beer was cooled with my wort chiller and split unequally into two fermenting vessels & liquored down.

FV1 - the strawberries from the last 5 mins of boiling were scooped into a mesh nylon bag & placed in the fermenter.   A teaspoon of pectolase was added to the wort as it was splashed in on top.   The OG was 1.038 & gravity at bottling 1.020 at bottling 1.014 giving an alcohol content of 2.4%.

FV2 - a lemon was roughly chopped (I didn't have a mesh bag to put the just the zest in & I didn't want floaters in the finished beer) & added to the fermenter with a teaspoon of citric acid & 100g of sucrose.   The wort was splashed on top.   The OG was 1.030 & gravity at bottling 1.014 giving an alcohol content of around 2.1%.

Lemon beer bottled after 6 days primary fermentation.   Verdict on bottling: A little tart, very lemony indeed considering only one lemon was added to 15 litres.   This is going to be a fun beer.

Strawberry beer bottled after 8 days primary fermentation.   Verdict on bottling: Very much like the lemon version.   A little less pale, but I'd swear there was lemon zest in there.   Strawberry flavour very subtle.   A fun beer, but clearly the acid malt & Savinjski Goldings are responsible for much of the lemon flavour in both beers.

Very little haze already, that I suspect won't completely clear due to the fruit & wheat component.   Nicely tart, but not mouth puckeringly sour.   Very lemony in a lemon oil way rather than an acidic way.   This beer is going to be a fun experiment in light, very drinkable sour fruit beer.