Homebrew: Space Moomins

Submitted by DM on Sat, 10/02/2018 - 14:40

Having successfully made 2 Berliner Wiesses, I discovered that drinking exclusively 2.1% beers doesn't give you a sense of satisfaction like a viscous, chewy stout - so I made one.   A beer to be taken seriously - hence the name.

Mash: 1 hour at 63ºCspace moomins

4 Kg Pale malt

100g crystal malt

300g chocolate malt

100g roast barley

10g MgSO4

10g CaSO4

Boil: 50 mins

75g Mount Hood hops added 30 mins from end

75g Mount Hood hops added 20 mins from end

10g Irish Moss added 15 mins from end

No chiller was used on this wort.    10 litres of wort were collected & once cool the beer was inoculated with a low attenuating ale yeast.   The OG was 1.068 & SG at bottling 1.018 which should give a beer of around 6.6% alcohol.   

Fermented at 16ºC for 5 days, but still going strong with a good krausen on, so the temperature was raised to 22ºC for 48 hours until the krausen was gone. Then left at around 7ºC for 24 hours to settle the yeast out, before bottling.

Verdict on bottling - viscous & more than a little like sweet liquorice with plenty of dark chocolate flavours.

A big, chewy beer with a good roast malt, coffee & choc flavour.   A gentle resinous hop flavour & decent bitterness.   I'll chalk this one up as a success.

No sign of drying out just yet. A really big, chewy beer with a fair amount of alcohol warmth. A 500ml bottle lasted me the best part of an hour as I sipped it slowly. A good fireside beer in this cold weather.