The 26th Stockport Beer Festival

Submitted by DM on Mon, 21/05/2012 - 06:30
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beer festival

My favourite beer festival - better than NWAF, better than the GBBF, better even than Gosport! - has come & gone. I say it every year that its brilliant because;

  • There's seating for everyone!Image removed.
  • Its open air if its a scorcher
  • Its under cover if its raining
  • There's plenty of toilets
  • The music is entirely seperate from the beer & seating area so you don't have to listen to it
  • There's proper food
  • It easy to get to by public transport
  • Its near some smashing pubs for when you want to move on (such as The Magnet, The Crown & The Railway)
  • No hooray Henrys

I was there on the Saturday from 12:00 'til 15:00 with several friends & we passed the beers around.

Bollington, Long Hop - hoppy though restrained pale ale. 6/10

Bowland, Hen Harrier - good, ordinary fruity pale ale. 6/10

Dunham, Porter - Excellent. Roasted malt, coffee beans, dryish. 9/10

Fernandes, Rum For Cover - sweet prunes & dark fruit, a little cloying. 4/10

Geeves, Coco-Canal - chocolatey, dark mild. A QI beer. 8/10Image removed.

Howard Town, Wren's Nest - light & hoppy ordinary beer. 5/10

Marble, Summer - citrus, grapefruit blast! Over the top American Pale Ale. 9/10

Offbeat, Wild Blackberry Mild - real blackberry fruit flavour, light tasting yet dark mild. 6/10

Osset, Citra - you expect a hoppy beer when its named over one & this doesn't fail. An over the top American Pale Ale. 8/10

Peerless, Old American IPA - Easy drinking, typical New World hoppy IPA but with an extra bitterness. 8/10

Peerless, Whatever! - gentle pithy grapefruit pale ale. 7/10

Quantum, Quantum Stout - carmelly sweet & dark fruit. 6/10

Quantum, American Amber Ale - viscous, deep red beer. Citrus US hop & full malt flavour. A QI beer. 8/10

Redwillow, Fathomless - gentle roast & burnt flavours. 5/10

River Head, Wessenhead Wheat - easy going, gentle whaet beer in the ale style. 6/10

Saltaire, Blackberry Cascade - light sweet fruitiness & hoppy. 7/10

Saltaire, Bavarian Black - full bodied, smooth, roasted malt with a gentle bitterness to finish. A QI beer. 8/10

Summer Wine, Resistance Dark Mild - bags of flavour with roast malt & dark chocolate. 8/10

Thornbridge, Galaxia - Awesome! Tropical & citrussy fruit. A QI beer without a doubt. 9/10

Worth, Anson - gentle, lemony-sherbert freshness. 6/10

Worth, Redacre - fruity, yet dryish with a peppery bitterness to finish. 7/10

W J King, Brighton Gold - good ordinary blonde ale. 6/10