27th Stockport Beer Festival 2013

Submitted by DM on Sat, 01/06/2013 - 23:17

Demoted to my second favourite beer festival by the Indy Man Beer Con, the still excellent Stocky Beer Fest is back again 30th May - 1st June.   As I say every year, it has several advantages that together make it superior to most other beer festivals;

  • Seating for everyone - if you're going to do a full session, seating is important
  • Under cover - just in case it rains in Greater Manchester (not Cheshire - don't get me started!)
  • Open air - because it usually coincides with the start of full-on summer
  • You can escape from the music that CAMRA try to keep out of pubs all year, but invite to beer festivals
  • Proper food
  • Easy to get to by public transport - train, bus or plane!
  • Close to some good pubs like The Crown, The Magnet & The Railway if you want to carry on after the festival finishes.

Beers sampled this year;

Alechemy, Cairnpapple IPA - chewy, hoppy, full bodied IPA. 8/10

Blackjack, Shuffled Deck - hoppy, full bodied, zesty blonde ale. 8/10

Blue Bee, Must Bee Magnetism - pale, light bodied, hoppy beer. 7/10

Bollington, Long Hop - very pale, dry, hoppy ale with a floral aroma. 8/10

Elixir, Coal Porter - roasty, burnt, full bodied porter. 8/10

Fernandes, Wakefield Pride - blonde ale with a light body, some earthiness. A QI beer. 8/10

Fool Hardy, Black Raven - smokey, dryish, easy going. 8/10

Fyne Ales, Life of Ryley - creamy smooth, subtle on the rye, amber ale. Lasting bitterness. 9/10

Fyne Ales, Sublime Stout - loads of liquorice, moderate burnt flavour & some toastiness. A QI beer. 7/10

Liverpool Craft Brewery, Kazimierz Garden - floral, gently hoppy blonde ale. A QI beer. 7/10

Magic Rock, Curious - dryish, hoppy, but not a hop bomb or harsh at all. Well blended hops. 7/10

Mallinsons Brewing Co, Columbus - very pale, dryish, bitter hoppy beer. Very sinkable. 8/10

Marble, Bennington - strangley herby, earthy. Definitely a QI beer. 7/10

Marble, Decadence - Over-the-top treacley, viscous, black malt. Too intense. 6/10

Moorehouse's, Black Cat - a little thin, malty & roasty mild ale. 5/10

Peerless, Oatmeal Stout - stereotypical oatmeal stout. 7/10

Peerless, Solid Gold - stereotypical golden ale with a tropical fruity hop finish. A QI beer. 8/10

Peerless, Triple Blonde - ordinary blonde ale. 6/10

Quantum, Triskel IPA - fruity, malty, hoppy beer with a good body. 7/10

Redwillow, Endless - dry, citrussy hoppy, light, long bitter finish. 8/10

Redwillow, Witless III - massively wheaty, mango fruity, a little sugar syrupy. 7/10

Redwillow, Wreckless - creamy, vanilla, citrussy. Bags of taste but without being OTT. 9/10

Reedley Hallows, New Laund Dark - choc & roast malt. Some astringency. 7/10

Rooster's, Yankee - golden ale with subtle refreshing fruity & citrus hops. 7/10

Rossendale, Pitch Porter - roasty, toasty & a little smokey. 8/10

Saltaire, Dark Matter - roasty malt & milk chocolate. Dryish & a little grainy. 8/10

Tryst, German Hops Pils - very pale dryish subtle beer. 6/10

Pivateer Brewery, Dark Revenge - burnt & black malt flavours. A bit much. 5/10