Submitted by Al on Wed, 30/04/2014 - 19:36

21/04/14. My 30th homebrew, Al-tastic continues the AL series of beers.

Mash tun boiled the night before, 76°C in the morning. New electronic temperature probe in operation

Mash 90min starting at 68°C and falling to 66°C over the duration of the mash

5kg Pale Malt

150g Crystal Malt

Run off through bottom tap in mash tun into fermentation bin and then sparged with 6l of hot water to give 20l which was returned to the mash tun

Boil 60min total

10g Centennial (10.3%), 10g Columbus (18.3%) and 10g Chinook (13.4%) added at the start

10g Centennial, 10g Columbus and 10g Chinook added 30 minutes in

10g Centennial, 10g Columbus, 10g Chinook and half a Whirlfloc tablet added with 10 minutes to go

Filtered to fermentation bin

Wort cooler utilised to crash temperature from 74°C to 25°C in 45 minutes. Syphoning only.

OG 1056 @ 24°C. Bottom of a bottle of Chinennial (Safale US05) added to half pint of cooled wort and after 6 hours added to fermentation bucket. 

Fermentation complete after 7 days but didn't get around to bottling it till a couple of days later on 30/04/14

FG 1015 @ 18°C

5.6% 109 IBU