Australian Adventure

Submitted by DM on Sat, 11/05/2013 - 23:27

I spent a little over a fortnight in the 'burbs of Sydney & obviously there were a few beers I've never heard of - let alone tried before.   I compacted my Tweets of what I was drinking in the way of bottled beer onto one page for all to see;

Little Creatures, Pale Ale - smooth, vanilla & citrus fragrant hoppiness. Soft malt body. Design classic.

Monteith's, Summer Ale - tastes like a lemonade shandy. A good clean one, but a shandy all the same. Citrus-lemon with some sugar-sweetness.

Kosciuszko, Pale Ale - light, delicate citrus hoppy, dry pale ale. Not bad at all.

Monteith's, Pale Ale - good cold refreshing beer for a hot day. Modest citrus hoppiness & fairly dry. BBQ beer.

Little Creatures, Original Pilsner - soft tasting, fresh & gently grassy lager. Not as gassy as most. Not bad at all.

James Squire, Stow Away IPA - juicy malt with good fruitiness. Strong tropical fruit hops don't overpower the malt however. Not OTT. Great.

Mountain Goat, Before Dawn BIPA - full, dryish beer, big g'fruit hops. Gentle roast & subtle burnt flavour. It clashes, but its still great

White Rabbit, Dark Ale - fruity, vineous dark beer. Good citrus hoppiness but definitely in the background. A good savouring beer.

Stone & Wood, Pacific Ale - dry, grainy taste, yet has juicy malt. A fresh resinous hoppy finish. Superb.

Balmain, Pale Ale - toffee biscuit flavour in this malty beer. Peach & butterfly sauce in the moderate hoppiness. S'OK

Endeavor, Growers Ale - soft, lager-like pale ale. Grassy, fresh hops. Crisp dryness. Good bbq beer.

Hop Hog, IPA - took a punt on this & bought a 4-pack & glad I did. Great herbal pine resin flavour hops with a god bitter finish. Not bad!

Hawthorn, Pale Ale - Dry & astringent, a little thin with a moderate mango-black pepper hoppiness. S'OK.

Boston's Mill, Pale Ale - S'OK, but not head & shoulders above mainstream beer.

One Fifty Lashes, Pale Ale - a little thin, more lager-like than pale ale. Subtle gooseberry tart hops. At Aussie prices I want more.

4 Pines, Pale Ale - many would call this an IPA, but emphasis way more on hops than bitterness. Grapefruit fruitless by the bucket. Awesome!

Mountain Goat, IPA - US-style IPA packed full of grapefruit zesty & pepper hops. Just the thing for this humidity. Great.

Murray's, Whale Ale - good wheat flavour to this BC'd beer. Not OTT in any way, but certainly has a good Cascade-like hop to it. Not bad.

Vale, IPA - a beer with some grapefruit-peach hop punch. Good supporting malt. Gentle resinous-pepper finish. Great stuff.

Murray's, Angry Man Ale - the label bangs on about fancy hops & that its from a craft brewery, but the truth is that its merely nice enough.

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