BBC Food Blog: How to pair food and beer - Tosh

Submitted by DM on Thu, 08/03/2012 - 17:27
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I am sceptical of food pairing for beer. I think most food pairing for wine is dodgy too - but this isn't a blog about wine. Which beer matches which food? The only correct answer is "whatever you fancy", but of course its usually "whatever's in the larder". I can see where a highly carbonated beer like lager can scrub the fatty flavours from cheese or fish & chips off your tongue. I can see where a strong tasting beer like an IPA can be perceived between bites of a chicken Madras. I can clearly see where a glass of superior Belgian Trippel really needs you to have no food particles in your mouth at all to savour it. But its all so subjective that it makes me think that this article is just someone selling themselves as a confidence trickster, which obviously is what most wine tasters do too. Tosh. Additional: I love the comment (2nd rule of the internet - never read the comments!) that Guinness goes very well with Dairy Milk! I think that's the level of food pairing beyond which is mostly pretension.