Birmingham's Best Pub

Submitted by DM on Sat, 26/11/2011 - 22:48

Well done to the city centre pub The Wellington for being voted the pub of the year in Birmingham yet again. I've been there a few times whenever I stay in Brum on business & it is excellent. I large screen tells you all about the 16 beers on tap so you don't have to trawl the bar - unless you like pump clips of course - to look at what you're drinking next. Mostly local & regional Midland beers are on offer. The staff are keen & happy to see you. There are no meals, but the article in the Birmingham Mail says you can turn up with your take away & eat it there.

To make it even more enticing, they have one of the largest selections of bottled beers you'll see outside of Belgium, and not just your usual fair either, they make an effort to have a lot of very interesting selections in their fridges. (I can always find something I've not tasted before).
As Dave says, they don't do food, but they do supply plates and cutlery + sauces. I don't think I've been anywhere where they want you to bring you own food so badly.
Go early as it can get pretty busy later on, but there's always room at the bar.
Frequent beer festivals in there too where they encroach on their own tiny space to ram in another dozen or so casks at the back (gravity taps).