Bottled German Lagers

Submitted by DM on Sun, 23/08/2009 - 21:44

Below are some bottled German lagers that I have tasted - not included are wheat beers, Altbiers & Kolsch;

Brewery Beer Style Notes ABV Marks out of 10 Country
Rothaus Tannen Zapfle Lager Bitter, dry, a little soapy, 5.1 10.0 Germany
Veltins Pilsner Lager Soft, delicate, not very bitter, very pale 4.8 10.0 Germany
Aktien Zwick'l Kellerbier Lager A little caramel sweet & malty sweet, copper colour, peppery bitterness 5.3 9.0 Germany
Bitburger Bitburger Lager Good bitterness, clean 4.8 9.0 Germany
Jever Pilsner Lager Excellent, hoppy, very bitter, grassy 4.9 9.0 Germany
Kesselring Premium Pils Lager Dry, crisp, gentle bitterness, grassy hoppiness 5.1 9.0 Germany
Kronen Dortmunder Pilsner Lager reasonable Dortmunder, good bitterness & body 5.1 9.0 Germany
Weisse Rossl Brau Pilsner Lager light malty sweetness, fresh tasting hoppiness 4.9 9.0 Germany
Allgauer Hopfig Herb Lager Good German style pils, dry & clean tasting 4.9 8.0 Germany
Bischofshof Pils Lager Very pale, dry smooth, bitter 4.7 8.0 Germany
Brauhaus Schweinfurt Brauhaus Premium Pilsner Lager Good German pils style, pale, dry, soapy 4.9 8.0 Germany
Brauhaus Schweinfurt Brauhaus Schweinfurt Lager Not dry but not sweet, pale, very little hops or bitterness 4.8 8.0 Germany
Brinkhoff's No.1 Lager Pale, hoppy, not as dry as some German pils 5.0 8.0 Germany
DAB Original Lager Like a pils but more harshly bitter 5.0 8.0 Germany
Dortmunder Union Export Lager Like a pils but more harshly bitter 5.3 8.0 Germany
Franken Brau Pilsner Premium Lager very pale lager, very dry, good bitterness in aftertaste, a little grainy 4.9 8.0 Germany
Goller Original Lager Clean & dry with a peppery bitterness 4.9 8.0 Germany
Herforder Premium Pils Lager Good German pils style, pale, dry, soapy 4.8 8.0 Germany
Hofman Hopfen Gold Lager very pale, smooth, some malt sweetness, Nobel hop bitterness 4.9 8.0 Germany
Hofman Lager Lager Full malty mouthfeel, a little vinous. 4.5 8.0 Germany
Holsten-Brauerei Moravia Pils Lager very clean tasting, subtle, soft lager 4.8 8.0 Germany
Hovels Original Lager Malty & bitter like an ale almost, chestnut coloured lager 5.5 8.0 Germany
Lowenbrau Oktoberfestbier Lager Full bodied, more bitter than pils, 6.1 8.0 Germany
Lowenbrau Premium Pils Lager Good 5.2 8.0 Germany
Monchshof Original Lager Easy drinking lager 4.9 8.0 Germany
Rothaus Pils Lager Bitter, earthy 5.1 8.0 Germany
Spaten Spaten Munchen Lager Typical Munich lager – swetter & more malty than pils, very pale beer 5.2 8.0 Germany
Wickuler Pils Lager Pale, bitter, dry, clean & smooth 4.9 8.0 Germany
Altenmunster Brauer Bier Lager Dry, nobel hops, bitter, long dry bitter after taste 4.9 7.0 Germany
Groninger Groninger Pils Lager some rounded fruity maltiness, amber colour, some bitterness 5.1 7.0 Germany
Kronen Dortmunder Export Lager Bitter, a little grainy, biscuity 5.1 7.0 Germany
Loscher 1881 premium export Lager Pale, little hoppiness or bitterness, some malt flavour 5.4 7.0 Germany
OeTtinger Pils Lager very pale, dry beer, easy drinking, 4.7 7.0 Germany
Paulaner Premium Pils Lager Malty, a little graininess 4.9 7.0 Germany
Pinkus Pinkus Pils Lager Typical German pils, pale, dry with just a little marshmellowness though 5.0 7.0 Germany
Veldensteiner Premium Pils Lager Typical German lager, dry, some bitterness, pale, a little grainy 4.9 7.0 Germany
Weltenburger Pils Lager Good dry pils, a little grainy & rough 4.9 7.0 Germany
Aischgrunder Lagerbier Lager Ordinary lager, some caramel & malt 4.7 6.0 Germany
Arcobrau Festbier Lager Malty lager, fairly smooth 5.7 6.0 Germany
Eku Pils Lager Good, not very smooth 4.9 6.0 Germany
Frankenland Premium Pils Lager Very soapy,not bitter at all, smooth 5.0 6.0 Germany
Goller Brotzeit Seidia Lager Ordinary lager 4.9 6.0 Germany
Goller Kellerbier Lager Good ordinary lager 5.0 6.0 Germany
Grafliches Brauhaus Arcobrau Festbier Lager Good ordinary lager, malty, very pale 5.7 6.0 Germany
Grafliches Brauhaus Arcobrau Urfass Lager Definitely not pils, less hoppy, more malty, good ordinary lager 5.2 6.0 Germany
Jagdhern Pils Lager Good, a little grainy 4.8 6.0 Germany
Leikeim Premium Lager Soft, pale, delicate 4.9 6.0 Germany
Loscher Premium Pils Lager German style pils, a little rough graininess 4.8 6.0 Germany
Lowenbrau Original Lager Malty lager, malty sweetness 5.2 6.0 Germany
Monchshof Kellerbier Lager Bottled conditioned, maltier than pils 5.4 6.0 Germany
Monchshof Landbier Lager Pale & simple, hardly any bitterness 5.4 6.0 Germany
Monchshof Premium Lager Lager Ordinary lager, a little sweetness 4.9 6.0 Germany
Neumarkter Lammsbrau Urstof Lager Ordinary helles, a little ale character, grainy 4.7 6.0 Germany
Oy Sinebrychoff Koff Lager Ordinary lager, maize 5.2 6.0 Germany
Patrizier Brau Pils Lager Good pils 4.9 6.0 Germany
Schloss Brauerei Graf Bray Klassic Lager Good ordinary lager, malty, light 4.8 6.0 Germany
Warsteiner Premium Verum Lager Ordinary pilsner style lager 4.8 6.0 Germany
Weltenburger Anno 1050 Lager Quite smooth 5.5 6.0 Germany
Weltenburger Kloster Pils Lager Good German pils style, pale, dry, soapy 4.7 6.0 Germany
Weltenburger Winter-Traum Lager Copper coloured malty lager, clean 5.4 6.0 Germany
Wernesgruner (Aldi) Pils Legende Lager ordinary German pils, dryish, reasonalbe bitterness, a little maltiness 4.9 6.0 Germany
Krautheimer Pils Lager Very pale, uninteresting 5.0 4.0 Germany
St Georgen Pils Lager Good, uninteresting, plain 4.9 4.0 Germany