Bottled IPAs updated May 2014

Submitted by DM on Thu, 29/05/2014 - 17:38

Below is a list of the top bottled India Pale Ales that I have tasted;

Brewery Beer Notes ABV Marks out of 10 Country
Rooster's High Tea New world citrus hoppiness, lingering Jasmine purfume, very interesting & different 6.2 10.0 England
Thornbridge Kipling Golden beer, Kiwi fruit & gooseberry, light fruity malt, orange marmalade, zesty bitterness 5.2 9.5 England
Samuel Smiths India Pale Ale Good earthy hop flavour, good bitterness, proper IPA 5.0 9.0 England
Ridgeway Bad Elf Classic IPA, strong hop flavour, not too bitter, earthy pale ale 6.0 9.0 England
Great Divide Titan IPA Good example of American IPA, pine resin hops, bitter afterglow 6.8 9.0 USA
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Supremely pine resinous & cittrussy with a big body of sweetish malt to match. Design classic. 7.2 9.0 USA
Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale English style IPA, earthy, bitter 6.9 9.0 USA
The Kernel SCANNS Hopped IPA Massively hopped, American-style, OTT, citrusy, fruity beer.   Awesome! 7.7 9.0 England
The Kernel IPA Galaxy Another superbly over the top American-style IPA 7.4 8.5 England
The Kernal Centennial Simcoe huge grapefruity & zesty burst. The zesty bitterness lingers. Obviously will appeal to AIPA fans 5.4 8.5 England
Coronado Idiot IPA malty sticky sweetness, lingering bitterness, big grapefruit-citrus hoppiness 7.5 8.5 USA
Thornbridge Wild Raven Dry, clean tasting beer with the grapefruit zest hoppiness of an AIPA, but has a roast warmth & black chocolate taste. 6.6 8.5 England
Thornbridge Twin Peaks Very pale ale with wonderful aroma & bursting with tropical fruit hoppiness. Classy. Super. Interesting. 5.0 8.5 England
Caledonian Deuchars IPA Light, easy drinking pale ale, not IPA at all, flowery & floury 4.4 8.0 Scotland
Hopdaemon Skrimshander IPA Bitter, brown beer, proper IPA 4.5 8.0 England
Boggart Hole Clough Brewery IPA A touch sour but with loads of fresh, citrussy, sharp hop flavour 4.6 8.0 England
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Marshmellow, gentle but strong hoppiness, some bitterness 4.7 8.0 USA
Emerson's 1812 India Pale Ale Big grapefruit bitterness, like an American IPA, some sweet malt, 5.0 8.0 New Zealand
Hampshire Pride of Romsey IPA good bitterness, some floral & spicey hoppiness, balancing sweetness, dry finish 5.0 8.0 England
Williams IPA fair malt body, good earthy bitterness, citrussy hoppiness,  5.0 8.0 Scotland
Darwin Rolling Hitch Gentle, clean hops, smooth, hoppy, 5.2 8.0 England
Thornbridge Brewery Jaipur Completely unbalanced with OTT grapefruit hoppiness & lingering zesty bitterness.   Excellent! 5.9 8.0 England
Nils Oscar  India Ale Good earthy hoppiness & peppery bitterness, a little malty sweetness 5.3 8.0 Sweden
St Austell Proper Job Golden ale with good bitterness & spiceness, some hop aroma 5.5 8.0 England
Kingstone Brewery Humpty's Fuddle IPA Plenty of citrussy-blossom hoppiness, a delicate sweetness, good maltiness too, copper-brown beer 5.8 8.0 Wales
Hardknott Infrared grapefruit zesty hoppiness & a little unrefined bitterness. Not bad at all, but not up there with Queboid 6.2 8.0 England
Goose Island India Pale Ale Hoppy, spicey, not bitter, all in the aftertaste 5.9 8.0 USA
Caldera IPA Strong peppery bitterness, strong hoppiness, some pine resin, good malty body 6.1 8.0 USA
Castle Rock Screech Owl New World IPA. Massive citrus aroma. Loads of Cascade-like grapefruit hoppiness. Some malty chewiness.  6.5 8.0 England
Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA Peppery bitterness, big citrus hoppiness 6.5 8.0 USA
Stone IPA malty backbone, pine resin, turkish delight, fresh hoppiness 6.9 8.0 USA
Odell India Pale Ale US OTT IPA. Sweet malt in this golden beer, but dominated - as it should - by spicey, citrus hop aroma & flavour 7.0 8.0 USA
Redchurch Great East India Pale Ale a good example of a strong tasting, citrus hoppy, New World style IPA 7.4 8.0 England
Meantime IPA Earthy, bitter, loads of flavour 7.5 8.0 England
Stone Ruination IPA strong spicey pine resin hoppiness, lasting peppery bitterness, a sipper 7.7 8.0 USA
Victory  Hop Wallop Malty sweet, pine resin, turkish delight, good biting bitternesss, a little syrupy 8.5 8.0 USA
Dogfish Head 90 minute Imperial IPA Spicey citrus hoppiness, lasting bitter afterglow 9.0 8.0 USA
Partizan Liberty Simcoe Tropical fruit, grapefruit & mango hoppy pale ale. Gentle zingy bitterness. Super stuff 6.5 8.0 England
Thwaites Crafty Dan Orange marmalade bitter-zesty-sweetness. Some tropical fruit hoppiness & little residual bitterness. A QI beer & great. 6.0 8.0 England
Shipyard IPA American, but not a New World IPA. Big earthy, English-type bitterness. Dryish, but with a full malty-toffee body. 5.8 7.5 USA
The Kernel Black Rye Bags of flavour in this one. Has another dimension over a straight IPA.   A QI beer. US citrusy hops clash a little with the dark malts 7.1 7.5 England
Thornbridge Brewery Halcyon IPA golden ale, some malty sweetness, massive very citrussy flavour & aroma, moderate bitterness & dryness in finish 7.7 7.5 England
Strathavon Ales Clydesdale IPA Sweetish blonde ale 3.8 7.0 Scotland
Harbour IPA Strong grapefruit hoppiness & lingering bitterness. Instantly one of Cornwall's best beers. 5.0 7.0 England
Little Valley Brewery Withens IPA Light floral citrus hops, Belgian yeast flavour 3.9 7.0 England
Three Rivers Manchester IPA A fair amount of hoppiness, a butterscotch smell & aftertaste 4.2 7.0 England
Daleside Alnwick IPA blonde beer,  4.5 7.0 England
Hogs Back Brewery BSA Tannin malt, some hops and bitterness 4.6 7.0 England
Copper Dragon Challenger IPA good bitterness, some hop aroma, sweet malt body, a little caramel, copper coloured ale 4.8 7 England
Batemans  IPA malty sweet, full bodied beer, some peppery bitterness 5.0 7.0 England
Williams Joker IPA good bitterness, some malty sweetness, peppery bitter aftertaste 5.0 7.0 Scotland
Williams (for Tesco) IPA Malty, a little citrussy & floral, some sweetness, 5.0 7.0 Scotland
Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA pale beer, some floral hop taste – cascade, not very bitter  5.3 7.0 Scotland
St Peter's India Pale Ale Bitter, hoppy ordinary beer,  5.5 7.0 England
Harpoon IPA Typical US IPA, vanilla, a little sweetness, cascade like hoppiness 5.9 7.0 USA
BrewDog Punk IPA Very pale beer with good bitterness and good, aroma hoppiness, little maltiness, quite dry 6.0 7.0 Scotland
Little Valley Brewery Python IPA typical English IPA, biscuity sweet, good hoppiness & bitterness but not masses 6.0 7.0 England
The Kernel Black IPA VI The American citrusy hops don’t quite go with the dark malts, but worth trying 6.3 7.0 England
Odell St Lupulin Big citrus hoppiness, peppery bitterness, bitter afterglow 6.5 7.0 USA
BrewDog Chaos Therory IPA good earthy hop punch with some Noble hop aroma, some malt sweetness 7.1 7.0 Scotland
Greene King Very Special India Pale Ale Lasting zesty-peppery bitterness, alcohol warmth, orangey-sweet maltiness 7.5 7.0 England
Bitter End Lakeland IPA reasonable earthy hoppiness & bitterness in aftertaste, biscuity malt sweetness, copper beer 5.5 6.5 England
Daleside IPA Good earthy hop flavour, more of a pale ale really 4.0 6.0 England
Tui East India Pale Ale Tastes like supermarket bitter, bitter but no hoppiness, cooked 4.0 6.0 New Zealand
Leek Danesbridge IPA a little yeasty & sour, some earthy hop aroma & bitterness 4.1 6.0 England
Butcombe Brunel 200 IPA Malty, good hops flavour, very little bitterness, some sweetness 5.0 6.0 England
Wensleydale Poacher India Pale Ale Perfumed, peachy & delicate hoppiness, very pale ale with a gentle sweetness 5.0 6.0 England
Fullers Bengal Lancer Good slightly spicey bitterness, dryish but a good malt body, balanced 5.3 6.0 England
Ridgeway IPA Earthy hops, mellow malt, spicey 5.5 6.0 England
Innes & Gunn Limited Edition IPA Mellow, oaky, smooth, sweetish flavour, floral hops 6.4 6.0 England
Greene King IPA Export Strength Much dry malt flavour, cardboardy, musty hops 5.0 6.0 England
Downton Chimera Indian Pale Ale Good bitterness, corn taste like San Miguel,  7.0 6.0 England
BrewDog Hardcore IPA massive citrus-pine hoppiness, big alcohol heat, big spicey bitter aftertaste, very OTT 9.0 6.0 Scotland
Great Divide Hurcules Double IPA overpowering pine resin hoppiness, full bodied, a little syrupy 9.1 6.0 USA