Boxing Cat Brewery - Shanghai - Fu Xing Zhong Lu

Submitted by Mark_the_brewer on Mon, 14/01/2013 - 03:39
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China is not well served for quality beers, but Shanghai seems to be single-handedly trying to address this; probably due to the large ex-pat population.

Of the microbreweries over here, the Boxing Cat is the one that everyone has heard of*

(This review is for the Fuxing Location: Sinan Mansions, Unit 26A, 519-521 Fu Xing Road Central, Tel: 021-6426-0360. The other (just around the corner on Fuxing Xi Lu) is closed for renovations, and reopens this month - Jan 2013. For info, we went there for late lunch on a Sunday)

Catering mainly for the food market, they certainly know what they're doing here. Think Posh Burgers: Quality ingredients yielding high-quality, uncomplicated pub grub. Not cheap, but typical food ex-pat prices for Shanghai, and cheaper than back in the UK.

Families are well-catering for, meaning that this place doesn't have the feel of a Drinking Den. Go to the Shanghai Brewery for that kind of place.

The beer is where this place excels. We shared pints of their Winter Warmer** and Right-Hook Helles. Both were exceptional.

Definitely somewhere I'd recommend. Go for the food and take advantage of the beer. Not somewhere you'd go for a session though. (I prefer the Shanghai Brewery or Oscar's for that).

* For reference, there's also the Shanghai Brewery (2 locations: Heng Shan Lu and Lao Wei Jei) and "The Cook, The Meet, The Brew" at the Kerry Hotel (Pudong). Then there's the soon-to-be-opened "Nellist Brewery" locating near Xujiajui. More on that at a later date.

** Winter Warmer: Dry, malty little number with very sharp (new-world) hops cutting through (the brewer was not on-site so I couldn't find out what kind). Gave no indication of its 7.1% ABV, the sharpness of the hops cut that right-back. I'm going to try this for myself.