The Brewery Tap, Derby

Submitted by DM on Tue, 19/06/2012 - 22:43
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Derby appears to be a city with no street signs - which is very tedious when it comes to finding pubs off main roads.   Luckily I now have a new GPS phone & the Good Beer Guide on it.Image removed.

The Brewery Tap is a corner pub with large windows, illuminating the pale wooden interior to make a bright & airy place.   Welcoming barstaff & quiet pop music on the stereo (when was the last time you heard quiet music on a pub stereo!?) made it a welcome home after a busy day on the road.

Image removed.There were ten handpulls on the bar, five from the owning brewery - Derby Brewing Company - and several quality keg beers.   Diverse, quality beer was also available in bottles behind the bar.   I had a Royal Burger with was a hand made burger with cheese & chips with the skins still on which was really rather good.Image removed.

To top all of this was the beer platter called The Rack, which was a board with 5 thirds of beer on - one of each of the Derby Brewing Company's beers on the bar & a bowl of local cheese.   I'd already had a Dashingly Dark & I'd seen a Siberia Saison from Ilkley I wanted.   The barstaff swapped it in to accomodate me, no trouble!

A great pub with a friendly atmosphere & a great choice of beers.