Cinderella Robber Leaves Shoe At Sylvan Inn - or Everyone Wants Regulars Like These

Submitted by DM on Wed, 12/10/2011 - 23:37

Three men try to rob a pub approaching closing time in my local area of Timperley, Greater Manchester. Regulars & staff have a go & send the robbers packing. One leaves a shoe behind. You can read it all in the article linked above. However, can you imagine anyone being quite so bothered in a circuit drinking pub on a high street? Unless of course one of the robbers queue jumped or looked at someone a bit wrong. This robbery appears to be foiled by the power of regulars - people who feel they belong to the pub & its theirs to fight for. I just felt this sounds like the community local that sounds like the antithesis of the 10-bottles-for-£10 alcopop promoting fighting & vomiting venues you find in many town centres & needs highlighting. Having only lived in Timperley for a few months - I've never been, but I might now.