High Tea

Submitted by DM on Sun, 04/05/2014 - 23:13



My new favourite beer! The Bitter End in Cockermouth got a new bottled beer selection in & received 8 bottles of High Tea. For the first time in many years I only drank one beer all evening. In fact I went back two days later & drank only High Tea again. I bought a bottle to take away so a friend could see how amazing this beer was & the next night I returned to finish the last bottle. Completely unheard of behaviour.

A fresh citrussy American Pale Ale style beer, but with the perfumed flavour of Jasmine & a little tannin-tea flavour from the tea it's brewed with. A very unusual & interesting beer that stands out a mile amongst so many APAs on the market right now.

I like this so much I'm determined to make something similar myself.