Homebrew: Cockermouth Cascade

Submitted by DM on Tue, 13/10/2015 - 19:10

Having moved from Manchester to Cumbria in the spring, I had to dig up my 3 year old Cascade hop bine - which by now was giving me more hops than I could brew with.   It's lived all summer in a large plastic bucket & I built a bamboo structure around it to support the growing limbs.   Obviously the roots were pretty hacked up & it didn't have quite the same vigour as in Manchester.   I got enough hops to make one beer though, but due to life getting in the way I had to pick the hops & dry them before brewday arrived.

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Mash: 1 hour 10 mins in total.   The first 20 mins at 63ºC & the other 50 mins at 67ºC.

Marris Otter pale malt 3.55Kg

Boil: 1 hour in total.

I didn't weight the hops as they aren't fully dried out & so it would be impossible to compare to previous green hop beers or beers made with commercially dried hops.   There was the best part of a carrier bag full though.   Around 2/3rds went in after 30 mins, most of the rest after 50 mins (along with some Irish Moss) & a good handfull were saved for dry hopping once I'd cooled the wort with my wort chiller.

I made just over 10 litres of wort with an original gravity of 1.068, which should yield a beer with around 7% alcohol.   Strong stuff, but then I want it to keep so strong & hoppy wins the day.   I hydrated a sachet of US-04 yeast & added that to the cold wort.

The fermentation held steady at 16 degrees C on its own for 3 days then dropped to ambient (around 10) so I loosely fitted a brew belt, which unfortunately raised the temperature to 24 degrees for 24 hours before I checked it.

Bottled on 18th September.


Fruity pear drop like esters dominate - almost certainly due to the poor temperature control during fermentation. Hoppy in a citrus & herbal way, but not a hop bomb by any means. Not stereotypical of the Cascade hop variety.

Still could end up a decent drink.

The estery, buttery taste is too much now. I've opened a few bottles & they're all the same.

I can't disguise the off-flavours so the whole lot is going down the drain.