Homebrew: Common or Garden

Submitted by DM on Fri, 31/10/2014 - 21:42

My Cascade hop bine is in its second year of growth & has given me way more hops than I can use again - even if I brew a super-hopped APA. This is a green (or fresh) hopped beer with the hops picked straight from the bine & frozen before use a few weeks later.

Mash: 1 hour 15 min. Kept at 67°C for the first hour, then heat source removed for the last 15 mins.

6.0 Kg of Maris Otter pale malt

100g Crystal malt

Boil: 1 hour 25 mins.

170g of Cascade added 1 hour into the boil

165g of Cascade added at 1 hour 10 mins into the boil

230g of Cascade added at 1 hour 15 mins into the boil

125g of Cascade added at 1 hour 20 mins into the boil

1 teaspoon of Irish Moss added 10 mins before end of boil.

100g of Cascade added as dry hops

This yielded 17 litres of wort with an original gravity of 1.064 & a final gravity of 1.010 making the alcohol level around 7.1%.

Dried US-05 yeast - taken from my Ice Pig beer - was made into a starter (with a little pre-boiled & cooled water, a teaspoon of sugar & a teeny amount of salt) as the beer was being made & pitched when the wort had cooled to 28°C.

Bottled after 8 days.

Quite a bit of diacetyl, but good green hoppiness without being over the top.   This has cleared already.   I'll resist opening the next bottle for a few more weeks to let the diacetyl fade away.

I opened a couple of 1 litre bottles of Common Or Garden & added 10ml of the sour starter for my Blueberry Sour beer via a syringe.   They gassed up again quickly, but its difficult to know if it is the sour bugs or the sugar acting - with the amount of hops in this, the bugs will really struggle.   Still it's an interesting experiment to alter some of my beer a little.

Much better now. Still plenty of sweet malt body & some alcohol warmth. Plenty of peppery hoppiness, but not reminiscent of the Cascade variety. Not bad - definitely a sipper though. Hic.