Homebrew: Gold Rush

Submitted by DM on Sun, 15/07/2012 - 22:38

The last of this sack of pale malt & some more new hops that are just a little apart from the grapefruit hop bombs I love.   This brew was split into two just before the boil.   4 litres were diverted to make Rescue Mission.

  Mash - 1 hour 15 min in total - initial temperature 45°C rising to 68°C after 20 mins, peaking at 70°C after 45mins & finishing off at 63°C at the end.

4.73 Kg pale malt

200g crystal malt

250g sucrose

   Boil - 1 hour

Summer hops (6.4% alpha acid): 30g at start of boil.

Nugget hops (10.4 alpha acid): 20g at start of boil, 30g after 20 min, 30g after 40 min & 20g after 50 min.

Irish Moss: 5g at 50min.

   Final volume 15 litres & OG 1048. From the handy calculator this should give me 153 IBU &  4.7% alcohol roughly. Yeast strain used: Safale us-05 dry ale yeast taken from the bottom of my Strong Short Stack, which is now on its 4th regeneration.

Bottled on 22/07/12.

Verdict after 3 weeks in bottle - some residual sweetness, good hoppiness with some resinous flavour that I was aiming for.   A strong bitterness to throughout, but it doesn't dominate.

Verdict after 5 weeks in bottle - as above still.   I perfectly reasonable beer.