Homebrew: Ice Pig

Submitted by DM on Sun, 24/08/2014 - 22:35

The name for this beer comes from a fascinating technique I came across for scouring pipework using slush, called Ice Pigging - no ice pigs were used in the making of this beer.   My beer called IT - based on Rooster's High Tea which I found so amazing - was a hit & I wanted to do something similar again, but this time use dried jasmine flowers instead of the jasmine green tea.   The whole house smelled wonderfully perfumed with the jasmine flowers whilst brewing this.


Mash: 1 hour 15 min. An infusion mash where I took some wort out of the main body of liquid, heated it & returned it to the main body to raise the overall temperature a little.   Starting at 61°C, rising over twenty minutes to 69°C then falling to 66°C finally.Ice Pig drawing

4.2 Kg of Maris Otter pale malt

Boil: 1 hour.

100g of Citra (14.0% a/a) added at 45 mins into the boil

100g of Citra added at 55 mins into the boil

100g of dried jasmine flowers held at 60°C for ten mins, then using them & the spend hops as a filter bed to run the wort through into the fermentation vessel.

100g of Citra dry hopped into the cool wort before pitching the yeast.

This yielded 18 litres of wort. The handy calculator gives me around 4.2% alcohol & theroretically over 140 IBUs - although the human palate probably cannot taste much bitterness over 100 IBUs, but extra hoppiness will still come out.

US-05 taken from a bottle of IT was made into a starter & added to the fermentation vessel.

Bottled on 31st August.

Verdict on Bottling - a beautiful beer. Strong jasmine flavour, but not dominant over the citrussy hops nor aroma from dry hopping. I'm well chuffed with this & can't wait to share it with people!

Needs a little more carbonation, but already clear. Plenty of citrus grapefruit hoppiness, but dominated by jasmine flavour. Would use half as much Jasmine if I did this again. Still great though.

Crystal clear, blonde ale with dominant jasmine flavour. Strong citrus hops too & quite sweet, but not sugar-sweet nor cloying. A superb beer - if I say so myself - that I'll brew again (with less jasmine though).