Homebrew: Now You Seaham

Submitted by DM on Sun, 20/05/2012 - 17:43

   I have named this beer in honour of a friend from Seaham, County Durham who has just bought himself a homebrew setup & brewed his first beer - an all grain American Pale Ale - last week. Good luck with everything Al! Hope to see some of your brewing experiences on here soon.

   All the hops have been added late in the boil to try & get a low level of bitterness (33 IBUs), but a high level of hoppiness (102g total hops with the Chinook & Cascade being particularly pronounced).

   Mash - 1 hour in total - initial temperature 68°C falling to 65°C at 30 mins, 68°C at 35mins & finishing off at 69°C on the hour.

4.5 Kg pale malt

200g crystal malt

50g chocolate malt   

   Boil - 1 hour

Cascade hops (4.8% alpha acid): 25g at 30min & 17g at 40min.

Chinook hops (11.8 alpha acid): 10g at 50min.

Hallertau Hersbrucker hops (3.0% alpha acid): 50g at 50min.

Irish Moss: 5g at 55min.

Juice of half a lemon added to the fermentation vessel just before transferring the wort into it. I just happened to be slicing lemons during the brew & had half of one left over, so I squeezed it in!

   Final volume 22 litres & OG 1052. From the handy calculator this should give me 33 IBU & (with an FG of 1.014) 5.0% alcohol roughly. Yeast strain used: Safale us-05 dry ale yeast taken from the bottom of my Dry Smoked Stout, which is only 1 generation old.

   Fermented during a heatwave, so the temperature in the room was between 21 & 28ºC for from day 2 and is still going on as I've bottled the beer.

Bottled on 26/5/12

29/5/12 - already clearing nicely.   Maybe the heat wave (which is calming down a little today) have attenuated the beer super quickly.

Verdict after 1 week in the bottle: A chestnut brown beer.   Very citrussy zesty-hoppy beer, but the Hallertau is not lost amongst the Chinook & Cascade at all - in fact it stands out a mile.   A fair amount of gum-tingling bitterness in the aftertaste.

Verdict after 2 weeks in a bottle: Crystal clear now.   Its now mellowed a little, with the sharp bitter edges rounded off.   A very hoppy, brown beer.   A really great beer if I say so myself.

I need to buy some more hops soon & the NZ ones are on my list. I don't understand from the page you've sent me, how late your hops were added: does the "@ 1minutes"l mean 1 minute before the end of the boil?

Rich C (not verified)

Mon, 18/06/2012 - 20:09

Finally got a bottle of this via Marcus, thanks.


Pretentious review bit.....

Not quite clear and with little head, probably due to transport.  Citrus, caramel and may be raisins in aroma, flavour matches aroma plus a little chocolate and balanced bitterness (IMO).  Nice beer.

A good honest beer.  Certainly got that hoppiness going on, and I'm surprised I can taste that lemon in there too.

Not really to my taste unfortunately.  Nothing wrong, plenty going on there, just not for me.  Maybe a little fizzier it might be for me, but nice as it is, not one of my favourites.

More Ale Camino for me please.