Homebrew: Photon Shower

Submitted by DM on Sat, 16/07/2016 - 17:59

I've gone back to an electric brew system again after using gas for a year or so, but my wife wants the kitchen back & making food when mealtimes cross my brew time just makes the brewday even longer.   I've got a Burco Cygnet water boiler designed for making industrial amounts of tea, but has a thermostat so can be used as a mash tun / wort kettle.

The name of the beer comes from an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage where Professor Russell Foster talks of a bathroom mirror that bathes you in red enriched light when you brush your teeth at night & a blue light in the morning to aid your natural sleep cycle - which he calls a photon shower.

Mash: 1 hourPhoton Shower bottles

4Kg Marris Otter pale malt

100g Dark crystal malt

25g chocolate malt

Boil: 1 hour

50g Mosaic (11.8% a/a) hops 30 mins from end

10g Pioneer (10.2% a/a) hops 30 mins from end

50g Mosaic hops 10 mins from end

10g Pioneer hops 10 mins from end

10g Irish Moss 10 mins from end

Chilled with my wort chiller & splashed through a colander into the FV.

100g Mosaic hops dry hopped

US-05 yeast resurrected from my last brew Juneua Alaska

I made 22 litres of wort at OG 1.034 which should give me an alcohol level of around 3.0%. The calculated bitterness is 101 IBU.

Bottled after 8 days fermenting.


Has a little sweetness still, giving it a reasonable body - certainly for the alcohol level.   This will dry out though given another couple of weeks.   Not super hoppy, but still bold with tropical fruit hoppiness particularly in the aroma.   That'll do me, but I must try & leave it alone for a couple of weeks.   Good clarity already, but not crystal clear yet.

The dry hop aroma is fading now, but still plenty there. This has peaked - any beer with this much dry hopping would by now if stored at room temperature - but is still a lovely, easy drinking beer.

Would brew again at 3.5% perhaps.