Homebrew: Reality Bites

Submitted by DM on Sun, 02/08/2015 - 09:26

I had a fair amount of hops left over from other beers & some jasmine flowers brought in after my previous jasmine beers were so good.   Hopefully this is the last beer brewed before moving house again, so I wanted to use up some ingredients.   I wanted a bigger beer than my last (a subtly smoked porter at 3.7%) & only had a higher alcohol Belgian-style yeast in my brew box, so this will be a real mix of beer styles.

Listening to 30 min boil experiments by Basic Brewing Radio gave me the courage to shorten my brewday by doing this.

Mash: 1 hour 15 mins at 66 degrees C.

3600g of pale malt

235g crystal malt

Boil 30 mins

25g Nelson Sauvin (12.6% a/a), 25g Mosaic (13.7% a/a) & 15g Centennial (10.3% a/a) hops added with 20 mins to go.

30g Nelson Sauvin, 30g Mosaic & 25g Centennial hops added with 10 mins to go.

15g Nelson Sauvin, 15g Mosaic & 10g Centennial hops plus 5g Irish Moss added with 5 mins to go.

45g Nelson Sauvin, 15g Mosaic & 10g Centennial hops plus 40g dried jasmine flowers added as dry hops.

100g sugar added as the cool wort was splashed into another vessel, that then drops the liquid through a large colander into the fermenter to airate it.

Fermented using Safbrew S-33.   Using a recipe calculator this should give me a beer of around 5.8% alcohol & 121 IBUs.   The late & dry hopping will make this seem a much more hoppy than bitter beer than the IBU count suggests. Bottled after 9 days of primary fermentation. Verdict on bottling: sweetish, very fruity, loads of New World tropical fruit hoppiness, plenty of jasmine. That'll do nicely.