Homebrew: Rye & Jasmine IPA

Submitted by DM on Wed, 14/12/2016 - 14:01

Having tried a couple of IPAs recently made with some rye & made a few jasmine beers (Ice Pig, Jasmine Pale Ale, IT & Reality Bites) I've really liked, I thought I'd combine the two.   Session IPAs are also my favourite style of homebrew beer, so I thought I'd make one ready for New Year.

Mash: 50 mins starting at 66°C and allowed to fall to 63°C.

3.0Kg of Marris Otter pale malt EBC 5

250g pale rye malt EBC 5

150g crystal malt EBC 60

Boil: 45 mins

10g each of Chinook (14.6% AA), Centennial (9.6% AA) & Simcoe (13.8% AA) 45 mins from the end

20g each of Chinook, Centennial & Simcoe 25 mins from the end

30g of each of Chinook, Centennial & Simcoe 10 mins from the end

25g of dried jasmine flowers 10 mins from the end

The wort was chilled in 30 mins to 20°C & cascaded through two colanders into the fermentation vessel containing US-05 taken from a previous brew Fibonacci's Naughty Rabbits.   After 48 hours there wasn't a pellicle forming so Mangrove Jack's French Saison yeast was added from another previous brew Quorum Sensing.

40g of each of Chinook, Centennial & Simcoe were dry hopped into the cooled wort.

An OG of 1.040 & FG of 1.010 gives me an alcohol level of around 3.9%. The bitterness is calculated as 168 IBU, but the amount of late & dry hops should mean that the hoppiness dominates any amount of bitterness.

Bottled after 10 days fermenting.

Verdict on bottling: strongly bitter with the stereotypically grapefruit hoppiness of the hops used.   Still very hazy & with a subtle jasmine flavour.


A very pronounced citrus hoppy & sweet malt taste that has a really harsh astringent aftertaste.   This is really off-putting & very bad news as it isn't the kind of thing that usually goes away.   The beer is clearing nicely already.

I only opened this beer to resurrect the yeast to innoculate a new batch of wort, but the beer has improved massively since last week.   The harsh astringency has faded considerably, but is still dominating the taste.   The super hoppiness is still there & sweet malt hasn't dried out much yet.

Maybe this beer will come good given a few more weeks.

The off-taste is almost gone now, thankfully. The beer is clear now, but not crystal yet. This has a good body for a lowish ABV beer & a strong bitterness. The big citrussy hoppiness too is just what I was aiming for. There is a little earthiness which - as it's my first rye beer - I'll assume is the rye malt.