Homebrew: Simple American

Submitted by DM on Wed, 26/12/2012 - 22:18

After experimenting with novel hops I thought I'd go back to what I like best - an American IPA - but also go back to basics with a SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer.

Mash - 1 hour 15min in total - initial temperature 73°C falling to 71°C at 25 mins, 69°C at 45mins through to the end.

5.0 Kg pale malt only.

Boil - 1 hour.

Cascade hops (7.2% alpha acid) 220g in total: 30g after 5min, 40g after 30min, 50g after 50min, 50g as power is switched off & wort chiller turned on & finally 50g dry hopped.

5g of Irish Moss was added to the boil ten mins before the end.

Final volume 25 litres with an OG of 1.050.   From the handy calculator this should give me 58 IBU & 4.5% alcohol.   Most of my hops aren't registering on the bitterness calculation & I expect it to be massively hoppy.

Yeast strain used: Safale US-05 dry ale yeast resurrected from my Americo-Polono Pale Ale which was a 1st generation yeast.

Bottled on 06/01/13.

Verdict on bottling: Massively hoppy & strongly bitter, very pale in colour.   After the initial taste a strong phenolic flavour dominates to the finish.   Really hoping this fades away on maturing.

Final Verdict: The TCP flavour is too dominant & its spoiled the beer.   The 2 bottles I'd given out to friends have been recalled & its all going down the drain as there is no way to get rid of the taste.   I use boiling water to sterilise most of my kit rather than chlorine-based sanitisers & I heat the mains water up before adding the grains to the the mash to blow off the chlorine.

I'm quite upset at this one as I'd experimented with so many new hops that I wanted to come back to one I new worked for me.