Homebrew: Tatah To Timperley

Submitted by DM on Mon, 16/03/2015 - 22:22

Having seen on Twitter that @Not_that_jamie had excess Mosaic hops I was right up to Beermoth in Manchester city centre to collect some.   It was my second trip the 7 miles or so north into the city centre in 6 months - the last one being to collect Cascade hops from the very same person.

Having brewed Swan Song over a year ago to celebrate imminently moving house with my last employers (and in all my working life the worst employers & not just because of the relocation package that turned out to be ficticious) - I am now on the verge of moving for real with my new company.   So it's Tatah To Timperley, where I've lived for the last few years & hello to Cumbria as winter finishes.   I will miss my friends coming over for a drink.

Mash: 1 hour 20 mins held at 66-69oC.

4.4 Kg of Marris Otter pale malt

60g of Crystal malt

Boil: 1 hour 10 mins

50g Mosaic hops (13.7% alpha acids) added after 30 mins.

50g of Mosaic hops added after 40 mins.

50g of Mosaic hops added after 50 mins.

100g of Mosiac hops added after 60 mins.

75g Mosaic hops added as dry hops to the cooled wort.

Water added to make the wort up to 20 litres.   OG measured at 1.054 & FG at 1.012, giving an alcohol content of around 5.5%.

Fermented using a starter made from US-05 yeast.

Bottled after 7 days.

Verdict on bottling: A wonderfully peachy aroma & flavour with a strong bitterness. This is going to be good.

A strong peachy hoppiness with some grapefruit citrus too. Plenty of bitterness to finish. Even though I didn't use Irish Moss in the boil of this beer, it's almost clear already. Not your usual AIPA. I love it, but it could do with at least another week to dry out & carbonate up a little more.

Almost completely clear & has enough carbonation to serve. It is rather bitter, which wasn't my intention. Huge peach & citrus taste throughout though - which I was aiming for.

This beer is a lovely deep amber & leaves good lacing on the glass as it's drunk. More importantly it has peachy & citrus zesty aroma & huge hoppiness to match. Lovely & dry now with a zesty bitter finish. I'm very pleased with this beer & mosaic hops are conformed as my favourite.