Homebrew: Temporale

Submitted by DM on Mon, 01/06/2015 - 22:11

Having moved house to Cumbria & living in a rented house for a while I have limited space for brewing.   A narrow kitchen which is the thoroughfare to the garden is particularly troublesome when I'm boiling sugar solutions.   I've got the ingredients for a smoked porter & it doesn't need to be as bright tasting as a New World Pale Ale, so I can do without the wort chiller this time.

I also haven't found the kitchen scales yet, so all measurements are rather approximate.

Mash 1 hour 30 mins at 67 +/- 2 ºC.

3Kg pale malt

2 cups of crystal malt

1 cup of rauch malt

1 cup of chocolate malt

1/2 cup of Carafa Special III

3 tablespoons of black malt

Boil 1 hour

25g Target hops (12.3% alpha acid) after 30 mins

25g Target hops after 50 mins

A sachet of Safale S-04 British Ale yeast was rehydrated in a glass of water with a little sugar in while the beer was made.

The fermentation got a little warm with a brew belt around it at 25 degrees Celcius at the beginning, but came down to 15 after.

Bottled after 2 weeks 2 days in primary.

Initial verdict: plenty of chocolate with some burnt, smokey flavour.   Definitely a fair amount of bitterness too.