Homebrew: The Witch of Agnesi

Submitted by DM on Wed, 23/07/2014 - 22:38

My Belgian-style Blonde ale - Antidote - was a hit & this time I thought I'd try another variant on the theme: still no actual Belgian ingredients, just a hot mash to give a big body from the unfermentables created & a warmer fermentation for fruity esters from the yeast.

The Witch of Agnesi is named after a curve discribed by Maria Aetana Agnesi in 1748 & the curve is similar to that of the cross section of a water wave.

Mash: 1 hour 15 mins with the temperature held mostly at 70°C.

3.0 Kg Maris Otter Pale Malt

150g Crystal malt

130g Chocolate malt

Boil: 1 hour 5 mins.

20g of Citra hops (14% a/a) added at 15 mins into the boil.

20g of Citra hops added at 45 mins into the boil.

20g Citra hops added at 55 mins into the boil.

10g of freshly crushed coriander seeds added at 55 mins into the boil.

1 teaspoon of Irish Moss added at 55 mins into the boil.

1 cup of Russian Caravan tea added at flame out.

This yielded 14 litres of wort. The Brewers Friend Calculator gives me a bitterness of about 91 IBUs. The OG was 1060 & FG 1014 which gives me an alcohol level around 6.0%.

Safale S-04 yeast was taken from the still fermenting IT & pitched into the cool wort.

The current heatwave we are experiencing in the UK should last as long as the beer ferments, meaning it will be around 23-27°C until bottled.

Bottled on 2nd August

Initial taste on bottling: no citrus hoppiness from the hops, definitely some earthy coriander & chocolate maltiness.

Fruity & with some toasty sweetness & plenty of chocolate malt flavour. Maybe I'll use a touch less coriander next time. Pretty much what I aimed for.

The IBU calculation bears no resemblance to the taste of the beer & the flavours from the Citra hops are very muted. This is all about the dark roast & coriander astringency. Drying out quite well too.