Homebrew: WTF Stout

Submitted by DM on Tue, 08/04/2014 - 22:39

I started this as sour mash, but when I realised I'd never get the time to look after it as it fermented I abandoned the idea & brewed a stout.   I'd heard on a podcast about a homebrew competition in the States being won by a lavender stout & thought it was just weird enough to give a go.

Mash: 1 hour 10 mins. The strike temp was 74°C, 69°C after the malt was added & stirred in & 63°C after 1 hour & 10 mins. 

1.8 Kg Maris Otter Pale Malt

200g crystal malt

100g chocolate malt

100g black malt

100g Carafa Special 3

Boil: 45 mins.

20g of Goldings (5.6% a/a) added at 15 mins into the boil

20g of Goldings added at 35 mins into the boil

2 teaspoons of dried lavender

This yielded 10 litres of wort. The handy calculator gives me a bitterness of about 35 IBUs. The OG was 1044 which should give me an alcohol level around 4.5%.

Safale S-04 yeast sprinkled straight onto the cooled wort.

Bottled on 13/04/14.

Verdict on bottling: Subtle lavender. Still a little sweetish. Not cloying or heavy at all.

Verdict after 1 week: needs a little more carbonation, but this is a fine stout. There is a little lavender taste that is enough to justify the WTF name, but doesn't distract too much from it being a good drink.

Verdict after 10 weeks - a gentle stout without much burnt bitter astringency. Lavender flavour is pronounced, but not overwhelming. Not a bad beer at all.

Drank the bottle Dave gave me last week. A perfectly reasonable stout, just not my cup of tea. I'm not a fan of lavender and although it was not obviously lavender to me it was 'flowery' which I'm not a fan of.

So, what did I think of Dave's WTF (it has lavender in it) stout, 4.5%. When you pour it you get the aroma, which stays as your companion until the bottom of the glass. As you drink it you get a sweet but not sickly taste. Could quite happily drink a few pints. Reminded me of drinking Fraoch, Blueberry Bitter or High Tea. Definitely QI rather than WTF. Excellent.

(sent by AB)