Homebrew: Your First All Grain Ale

Submitted by DM on Mon, 05/09/2011 - 23:06

On this page I will attempt to walk through an American Pale Ale recipe for someone used to brewing, but going all grain for the first time. The result should be a pale, dry, hoppy ale not too dissimilar to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

This method is often referred to as Brew In A Bag (BIAB) & a discussion on it is on the excellent website Jim's Homebrew Forum Sorry there is no pictures of my brew kit to help, but my technical expert/wife hasn't had the time to update the Drupal stuff for this website in a while & my HTML writing is a bit basic.

Brew Kit; 1 x mash tun with heating element 1 x 25 litre brew bucket with a lid 1 x large circular sieve 1 x grain bag 1 x 10 litre vessel with a fine sieve at the bottom 1 x big spoon 1 x thermometer


4.5 Kg pale malt

200g crystal malt - I find crystal malt helps with clarity in the final beer

100g Cascade hops Safale US-05 dry ale yeast

Set Up & mash; Disinfect everything you need in your usual manner. Add around 15 litres of water to the mash tun & heat to 70 degrees C. Stretch the nylon grain bag across the top of the mash tun & add the pale ale & crystal malt. Stir it in in & adjust temperature to 67°C. Hold temperature at 67°C for an hour, stirring every ten mins or so.

Pull grain bag out of mash tun & allow wort to drain back into vessel. Place round sieve over brew bucket & place 10 litre vessel with fine sieve in bottom on top. Put grains in this vessel & rinse wort out of the grain with some hot (67°C) water into the brew bucket. Return this weak wort to the brew vessel to give a total volume of around 20 litres of hot wort.

Boil; Bring wort up to boiling Add 50g of hops After 30 mins add 30g of hops After 50 mins add 20g hops After 60 mins turn off heat Filter hops out of wort (by pouring through the 10 litre vessel) & allow to cool. Add previously boiled water to bring total volume to 20 litres.

Whilst wort is cooling, add yeast to a pint glass of previously boiled water that is now warm. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar to this water, swirl & cover with foil. When wort has cooled to around 20-30°C, add yeast.

Fermentation; Allow a week to ferment out, then bottle as you normally would. This should give a beer of around 6.0 % alcohol & 56 IBU.