Indy Man Beer Con 2012

Submitted by DM on Sun, 07/10/2012 - 21:37
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Rich (not verified)

Mon, 08/10/2012 - 09:15

I think you may have a few beers down under the name of the bar that was serving them rather than the brewery.  eg. Old Foghorn is from Anchor.

Thanks Rich, I wrote down the names of the beers as people told them to me.   Sometimes I had several people thrusting beer under my nose & telling me the names & breweries - nightmare!   I've corrected that one & will update the rest soon.

Hi Simon,   I didn't think of a Brett sour beer - and there were a few there that day -  when I tasted it & it was one I chose myself so I got a full taste rather than a sip or two of someone elses.   I thought of sherry or brandy.   Taste is rather a subjective thing though.

I like your website by the way.   I shall explore it more with time.


Had the decadence a few years ago, and while I'll admit my taste buds were probably a little cloudy after an afternoon's overindulgence, I found it an absolutely magical beer.
Full of flavours of all kinds, though I thought treacle rather than liquorice.
I know they produce these as speciality beers every year. Maybe the recipe es a little different this year. The one i had was from a bottle too.I seem to remember it was about 15 quid for a 750ml bottle.
Do you know if it's going to become a regular?

The Independent Manchester Beer Convention is a beer festival for independent breweries featuring craft beer - rather than real ale - at the centre of it.   There was plenty of real ale there, but it was not held above the quality keg or bottled beers.   Held in the Edwardian listed building of Victoria Baths to the south of the city centre, it was a great place to hold a beer festival - plenty of seating, two main halls for beer (admittedly one was the bottom of the swimming pool), several smaller rooms for brewery showcases & craft food too.   All beer was served in a third-pint glass, which was perfect as most beers were over 5% - some way over - and most also pretty intensely flavoured.

Six of us met up and we shared our finds, although the descriptions & ratings are mine;

Hawkshead, NZPA - big, grapefruity, over the top New World IPA.   Really great stuff. 9/10

East London, Pale Ale - juicy malt, hoppy pale ale. 7/10

Ilkley, Green Goddess - moderate barnyard aroma & taste. Very pale ale. 6/10

Summer Wine, Teleporter - smokey, big roasted flavour. Liquorice. Powerful. 8/10

Liverpool Craft, Tane Mahuta - fruity pale ale with a good measure of tropical fruit hoppiness. 7/10

Roosters, Yankee - more mainstream hoppy pale ale. 7/10

BrewDog, My Name Is Beastie - stereotypical BrewDog aroma, viscous with an intense peppery hoppiness. 8/10

James Clay, Nogne Oaked Sunturn Brew - a QI beer.   Very intense, massively smokey beer with a thick & chewy texture. 7/10

Lovibond, Sour Grapes - clean sour, refreshing flavour to this pale beer. 8/10

Quantum, Blackberry Stout - liquorice, intense, some burnt flavour.   Subtle blackberry. 7/10

Redchurch, Chinook IPA - very viscous, over-the-top New World IPA with a bitter orange marmalade taste. 9.5/10

Bitches Brewing, Chilli & Chocolate Stout - smells of freshly sliced chillies.   Tastes has a strong chillie fire.   Moderate dark choc & choc malt flavour.   Intense.   Would struggle to drink more than a third of a pint. 8/10

Darkstar, Belgian IPA - hoppy Olde Worlde IPA. 7/10

Marble, Decadence - liquorice dominating everything. 6/10

Darkstar, American Pale Ale - a perfectly good pale ale that just seems a little normal at this festival. 7/10

Mikkeller, Big Worse RedWine - treacley, viscous, vinous. 7/10

Campden Town, Rude Boy Lager - OTT American hop bomb, but light bodied. 9/10

The Wilde Beer Co, Modus Operandi - rasberry, vinous, a little sour.   A QI beer. 8/10

Gadds, Rye Pale Ale - pale ale with a rye & grainy taste.   Very dry aftertaste. 7/10

Black Band, Porter - smokey, roasted flavour. 8/10

Anchor, Old Foghorn - very viscous barley wine, treacley. 8/10

Kernel, Galaxy - OTT hoppy New WOrld IPA, but not just a hop bomb.   Refreshing & light. 9/10

Buxton / Kernal, NZ Pils - grassy fresh hoppiness in this very pale beer. 8/10

BrewDog, Abstract 11 - thick treacley, viscous barley wine.   Quite sweet with a subtle ginger flavour. 6/10

Brodies, London Sour - intense clean sour flavour.   Refreshing & easy drinking. 8/10

Dark Star, Critical Mass - black, raisiny beer, a little sweet.   A little oxidised, giving it a port-like taste. 6/10

BrewDog, White Noise - lemony,wheaty, citrus hoppy pale ale. 8/10

Camden, Unfiltered Helles - authentic tasting Helles lager, clean tasting with a little graininess. 8/10

Brewfist, Burocracy - red beer with a grapefruit hoppiness. 8/10

Schneider Wiesse, Nelson Sauvin - cloudy wheat beer with American hops. 8.5/10

Red Willow, Endless Pale Ale - a refined pale ale.   Hoppy, but not overly so & easy drinking. 8.5/10

Black Jack, Aces High - fruity pale ale with some mango. 8/10

Summer Wine, Calico Jack - star anise, rum & dark fruit. 8/10

Magic Rock, High Wire - lemony, New World hop IPA. 8/10

A great beer festival that might have just jumped to my no.1 beer festival in the uk over Stockport.