Indy Man Beer Con 2013

Submitted by DM on Mon, 14/10/2013 - 18:21
Type of review
beer festival

Last year this new beer festival went straight to the top of my favourite beer festival list due to its uniqueness & above all the number of QI (quite interesting) beers available.   However, the novel aspect has faded a touch & it seems that some hipsters are there for the scene as much of the beer.   4 of us spent the whole of the Saturday lunchtime session with a few others joining later.

Birra Del Borgo, Genziana - dryish, grainy, pale lager/beer hybrid 8/10

Birrificio Italiano, Nigredo - much roasted & dryish 8/10

Camden, Camden vs Odell - some roast, some sweetness 7/10

Camden, Indian Summer Lager - intense passionfruit aroma, strong citrus-passionfruit flavour 8/10

Redchurch, Great Eastern IPA - sugar sweetness, huge New World hoppiness, good bitterness 8/10

Thwaites, 13 Guns - very hoppy English IPA, little bitterness however 9/10

Brodies, Citra - phenolic taste is a little too much, some citrus hidden away 4/10

Brodies, London Sour Apricot - intensely sour! 9/10

Brodies / Mikkeller, Big Mofo Stout - intense liquorice, bitter coffee, citrus hops, a QI beer 9/10

Mikkeller, BA Big Worster Chardonnay - thick, treacley, but not too sweet, vinous - best 18% beer ever tasted! 9/10

Mikkeller, Spontan Mandarin - sour, mandarin 7/10

Siren, Broken Dreams - sweet! Subtle roast & smoke 5/10

Thornbridge, Sequoya - amber ale, good ordinary ale 7/10

Beavertown, Gamma Ray - wheatt beer/ IPA crossover 7/10

Thornbridge, Otter's Tears - sweetish, fruity, hoppy 7/10

Siren, Rainbow IPA - Starburst fruity, intense, vinous fruity 7/10

Tiny Rebel, Golie Lookin' Ale - clean IPA 7/10

To Øl, Fuck Art THis is Advertising - thick, viscous barley wine, too much 6/10

To Øl, Liquid Confidence - a QI beer, alcohol warmth, thick, intense, bitter choc & coffee, resinous hops 8/10

Darkstar, Green Hopped IPA - fresh, citrus hoppy, aromatic 9/10

Darkstar, Indian Summer - puckeringly bitter & dry 8/10

Emelisse, Herfstbock - viscous brown ale, treacley but not too sweet, good bitterness 8/10

Harbour, IPA - good AIPA, citrus hoppy punch, a little thin 7/10

Harbour, Light Ale - smooth, good light ale, ordinary beer 7/10

Kernel, London Sour - good level of gueuze-like sour 8/10

Partizan, Patersbier - ice cream aroma, phenolic, Belgian weirdness 6/10

Toccalmatto, Ambrosia - weissbier, dry, light 8/10

Tap East, Niwot - Red IPA, grapefruit, sweet malt 8/10

Tap East, IMBC Special - pale wheat beer 8/10

Weird Beard, Decadence - full bodied, big roast malt 7/10

To Øl, Black Malt & Body Salts - sweet, sticky, English hop bitterness 7/10

Magic Rock, Simpleton - delicate, very hoppy, lemon aromatic hop bomb 8/10

Magic Rock, Carnival - sharp, a little harshness, bitter, a QI beer 8/10

Magic Rock, Dark Arts Soured - acetic sour, some roast, black beer 6/10

Magic Rock, Human Cannonball - great AIPA-style beer, balanced malt, but tons of citrus hops 9/10

Brilliant beer festival, brilliant venue.