LSE public lecture podcast - Perspectives on Taste

Submitted by DM on Wed, 25/04/2012 - 21:54
Type of review

I get to listen to plenty of podcasts with my job as I drive around the country. This was a public lecture from the London School of Economics on the nature of taste & a fair proportion covered the tasting of wines - and naturally this has parallels in the beer tasting world.

Length 1h 30m

Some points from the talk;

Foods have no flavour, all flavour is our brain's interpretation of the chemicals in food via taste, smell & mouthfeel.

If wine tasting is subjective so no two people get the same taste experience & likes & dislikes, how can wine tasters agree on a hierarchy of wines that are better then others?

We have more taste receptors than salt, sweet, sour, bitter & umami - metallic flavours & fat can be detected too.