Morrisons to sell Scottish micro brewery beers

Submitted by DM on Sat, 26/11/2011 - 22:29
Type of review
supermarket or national chain

Morrisons has got Williams Brothers to supply beer - from its own & other small breweries - to its Scottish supermarkets. The breweries are; Williams Brothers - a brewery with several consistently excellent beers, including the delicate crossover beer Ceilidh & hoppy, fresh Seven Giraffes. Fyne Ales - just the best brewery in my opinion. New wave brewers of the superb dry & citrus hoppy Avalanche - my current favourite bottled beer - the awesome grapefruit grove smelling 3.8% Jarl & orange marmaladey Highlander. Traditional Scottish Ales - brewers of tourist beers in my opinion. Nothing wrong with their beers but just ordinary to taste. Inveralmond - More traditional brewers with a solid line up of beers. Isle of Skye Brewery - Another brewer with a solid line up of more traditional beers. Their Black Cuillin is my favourite - a smooth, full bodied black beer. The brewers for once seem quite happy with the deal - supermarkets usually making or breaking suppliers on a whim. The massive downside to this is that its ONLY IN SCOTLAND, where you can buy these beers anyway! I'd love to see the Scottish beers in the English & Welsh stores or maybe have some sort of rotating system where the beers from different regions tour the country every few months. Still, its always good for the consumer to have more quality beers in a supermarket & if the store isn't extorting the breweries then it seems a win-win situation.