MOSI Beer Festival

Submitted by DM on Thu, 22/03/2012 - 07:00
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beer festival

The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) had its second beer festival this weekend - and I got an all expenses paid evening there - thanks to Helen, Nik, Aidan & Gillian for that!

The organisers are my local outfit Trafford CAMRA & the festival showcased Manchester & Cumbrian beers. Strangeley Trafford CAMRAwebsite had the opening time as 18:00, whilst the MOSI website had 17:00. We trusted MOSI & the people who turned up after 18:00 waited for over an hour as the fire limit had been reached & it was a one in one out policy.

One think that struck me as something the old guard at CAMRA might approve of was the outside toilets! Apart from the venue hall having steam powered museum pieces in, there was nothing old guard about this beer festival with a mix of ages, sexes & social types attending.

Whilst restricting themselves to Manchester & Cumbria beers, there was still plenty of different styles of breweries & beers to choose from the new, new-wave BrewDog influenced breweries to the solid, traditional types;

St Feuillien, Blonde - refreshing beer very similar to a stereotypical German weissbier. Can't go wrong with that in my book. 8/10
Ulverston, Another Fine Mess - a restrained beer whilst many others in Cumbria go nuts. Toffee, malty beer with clean hoppiness. Classy. 8/10
Hardknott, Katalyst - massively hopped, lemon-peppery beer. Weird & wonderful. A QI beer for sure. 8/10
Foxfield, Simon's Extra Stout - like a milk stout with the extra body & sweetness. A bold yet traditional style beer. Rather good. 8/10
Cumbrian Legendary Ales, Grasmoor Dale Ale - a roasty black bitter. Nice one. 8/10
Coniston, Special Oatmeal Stout - silky oat consistency with a toasty malt flavour. A fair amount going on here. Liked it. 8/10
Quantum Brewing, Chinook IPA - grapefruit marmalade with a zesty bitterness. Just my cup of tea. 8/10
Pictish, Dolmen - soapy, hoppy refreshing bitter. Liked it. 8/10
Hornbeam, White Swan - expected lots from this "cloudy, lavender beer". Crystal clear & smells of lavender, tastes of ginger. Dissapointed. 6/10
Outstanding, White - a weissbier done in an ale style. Lemony. Interesting. 8/10
Dunham Massey, Cheshire IPA - old school English IPA. Hoppy, but balanced with strong malt body. A refreshing change to have a sane IPA. 8/10
Hawkshead, Dry Stone Stout - actually tastes flinty, earthy, coffee & very dry. Another Hawkshead smasher. 10/10
Ulverston, Fra Diavolo - mocha choc, rich dark beer. Loads going on in this porter. Loved it. 10/10
Stringers, Piggies Porter - lots of liquorice with a good burnt, roast malt flavour. Really smashing. 10/10
Hardknott, Code Black - a QI beer. Has a mocca liquour warmth ontop of a roastiness & very smooth. Beer of festival for me. 10/10
Hawkshead, Windermere Pale - knock your socks off grapefruit hoppiness, a little elderflower & bone dry. Very nice too. 8/10
Bank Top, Old Slapper ordinary bitter. 4/10
Boggart, Cascade must be one of only a handful of breweries I know to have used Cascade in moderation. Ordinary golden ale. 6/10
Bootleg, Derailed chewy malty ordinary bitter. 4/10
Greenmill, Old Git would be an ordinary pale ale, but a couple of drinkers agreed it had a metallic 9 volt battery taste. 4/10
Pictish, Brewers Gold - fresh Goldings-type hoppy beer. 6/10
Derwent, Derwent Blonde - an ordinary bitter is not for the unflattering "barnyard" smell. 6/10
Greenodd, Citra - fruity beer with a strong hoppiness that's distinctively from Citra hops. 6/10
Hardknott, Cool Fusion - a subtle ginger beer where there is more going on than just the ginger in the spice mix. 6/10
Stringers, Hop Priest - from the name I expected a more hoppy beer. An ordinary bitter with that "barnyard" smell to it. 6/10
Stringers, West Coast Blonde - a good regular blonde ale. 6/10
Unsworth's Yard, Crusader Gold - English style golden ale with a marshmellow taste. 8/10
Barngates, Tag Lag - ordinary English style bitter. 6/10