Seaham CAC

Submitted by Al on Sat, 06/04/2013 - 17:53


24/03/13. My 16th homebrew, a single brew. Seaham CAC due to the 3 hops used

Equipment all steralised and rinsed the night before. Mash tun filled with water and boiled the night before. With the lagging in place the temperature had fallen to 70°C in the morning

Mash 1hr 30min starting at 63°C for 30 minutes and then heated to 65°C for the final 30 minutes with the final 30 minutes at 67°C

5.0kg Pale Malt

350g Crystal Malt

Run off through bottom tap in mash tun into fermentation bin (14l) and then sparged with 5l of hot water (19l) then the grains bag squeezed and the mash tun completely emptied (20l)

Boil 1hr total

40g Amarillo (10.9%) at the start

20g Columbus (16.1) 30 minutes in

10g Amarillo and 10g Columbus added 40 minutes in

50g Citra (15.0) and half a Whirlfloc tablet added with 10 minutes to go

Filtered to fermentation bin and 6l of boiled water added to bring volume back to 5 gallons (22.7l)

Wort cooler utilised to crash temperature from 68°C to 25°C in 30 minutes. Syphoning from rather than main pressure through cooler.

OG 1053. White Labs California Ale yeast WLP001

06/04 Bottled following extended primary fermentation, left heating mat on for last couple of days to raise the temperature further. DM suggested this.. Taste on bottling is really good. Citrus and bitter.

FG 1013 5.6% 126 IBU


Remember to let everything cool for 24 hours or so after warming at the tail end of fermentation. I got quite alot of thermal currents raising the trub & making the beer cloudy. No point bottling that crud unnecessarily.

I managed to get a sampler from AB in Cockermouth & its great! A copper coloured APA with a big grapefruit hop punch. A little like when some people grill brown sugar onto of a half grapefruit. Smashing stuff.