Seaham Kernel & Magic

Submitted by Al on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 22:17

26/10/13. My 24th homebrew, Seaham Kernel & Magic. Having collected and the yeast from the bottom of a couple of bottled of Kernel beer and in a separate container some from Magic Rock this brew was split post cooling and the different yeasts added to see what happened

Mash tun filled and brought up to 75°C 

Mash 1hr 30min 67°C for first 30minutes falling to 65°C, reheated back to 70°C

4.75kg Pale Malt

150g Crystal Malt

Run off through bottom tap in mash tun into fermentation bin and then sparged with 6l of hot water to give 20l which was returned to the mash tun

Boil 1hr total

40g Citra (14.8%) at the start

20g Citra 30 minutes in

10g Citra and 2g irish moss added with 10 minutes to go

Filtered to fermentation bin and boiled water added to bring volume back to 5 gallons (22.7l)

Wort cooler utilised to crash temperature from 74°C to 20°C. Syphoning only.

OG 1058.

Batch split into 2 fermentation bins with one having the Kernel Brewery yeast and the other Magic Rock Brewery yeast added

FG 1010 (both ended up the same) 4.8% 97 IBU

03/11 Bottled

On tasting as the beer was bottled the Kernel yeast seems to have left a slightly sweeter taste. Will see what happens after secondary fermentation.