Seaham Sauvin

Submitted by Al on Sun, 18/08/2013 - 21:29

18/08/13. My 22nd homebrew. Having been to the homebrew shop (Hop & Grape in Darlington) the day before and got hold of some Nelson Sauvin hops this is a single hop beer to try th ehop out.

Mash tun filled with water and boiled previous night. 72°C in the morning and brought up to 75°C

Mash 1hr 30min starting at 67°C throughout

5kg Golden Promise

200g Crystal Malt

300g Flaked Barley

Run off through bottom tap in mash tun into fermentation bin and then sparged with hot water to give 20l which was returned to the mash tun

Boil 1hr total

50g Nelson Sauvin (12.3%) at the start

25g Nelson Sauvin 30 minutes in

25g Nelson Sauvin and half a Whirlflock tablet added with 10 minutes to go

Filtered to fermentation bin and 6l of boiled water added to bring volume back to 5 gallons (22.7l)

Wort cooler utilised to crash temperature from 70°C to 25°C in 50 minutes. Syphoning from rather than main pressure through cooler.

OG 1058. White Labs Californian yeast WLP001 (new tube). 

FG ???? 110 IBU