Stockport Beer Festival 2014

Submitted by DM on Wed, 04/06/2014 - 06:48
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beer festival

The Stockport Beer Festival is Greater Manchester's premier CAMRA organised beer festival.   Undercover, open air, seats for all, enough loos, food, good public transport access & of course 200+ beers over the course of a few days.

Not a great turn out with a few friends on holiday, babysitting duty or mysteriously busy - just the 5 of us enjoyed (mostly) these beers;

Alchemy, Black Aye PA – full bodied, citrus hoppy 8/10

Atlas & Orkney, Red MacGregor – Garibaldi biscuit with good bitterness. A QI beer 8/10

Blackjack, Farmhouse Brown – hoppy, roasty beer 6/10

Buxton, American Rye – fruity with some woody character 9/10

Buxton, Buxton SPA – hoppy blonde ale 7/10

Buxton, Moor Top – fairly hoppy pale ale 6/10

Dark Star, American Gold – hoppy, fruity, a little sweetness 8/10

Elixir, Sevys Saison – refreshing, a little tart, spicy, interesting 8/10

Fyne Ales, Avalanche – soft, hoppy, fruity. Better in a bottle 7/10

Hand Drawn Monkey, Pale Ale – fruity, hoppy, good bitterness 6/10

Hopcraft, Five Seas – very grapefruit hoppy, yet easy drinking. First beer of the festival & possibly the best for me 9/10

Hornbeam, Black Coral Stout – dryish, full bodied stout 8/10

Knops, India Pale Ale – after a few “Knox?” “no”, “knocks?” “no”, got the beer ordered. A fairly ordinary IPA 7/10

Nook, Lemon Grass Blond – sulphur taint ruins the rest of this lemony beer. Easily the worst of the festival & really shouldn’t have been served in this condition 3/10

Nook, Liquorice Stout – liquorice aromas, but subtle with some sweetness 7/10

Ringway, Wor Stout – milk chocolatey, reasonable stout 7/10

Rudgate, Ruby Mild – beer fest stalwart. Dark fruit flavours with a good bitterness 7/10

Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp’93 – big bodied, bitter beer 8/10

Six O’Clock, Overtime – sign on cask says “cloudy wheat”, but was an ordinary, fairly hoppy pale beer 5/10

Squawk, IPA – phenolic aftertaste spoils this beer. Orangey-citrus hop in this full bodied beer 4/10

Thwaites, 13 Guns – Orange marmalade hoppiness, full bodied beer. A good example of a traditional brewery doing something very different 8/10

After the festival we wandered down the road to the traditional after fest drink at The Crown, but detoured into Manchester's newest brewery: Stockport Brewing Company just under the arches of Western Europe's largest brick structure opposite the pub it is associated with.   The beers there were all offering a gateway into hoppy craft beers, but with their feet firmly stood in real ale still.