Taste Cumbria Beer Festival

Submitted by DM on Tue, 13/10/2015 - 19:22
Type of review
beer festival

Taste Cumbria is a celebration of this mostly rural county's fayre, but I had to miss this year's due to being in the Midlands.   I did manage to get to the first session of the beer festival in the Jennings Brewery on the Friday night for an over-before-you-know-it 2 hours.   There are a modest selection of beers, but all from Cumbrian breweries - of which we are spoilt for up here with so many good ones producing all different styles from the solid, trusty pint of copper coloured bitter, to New World Pale Ales, Belgian-style Wit biers to sour beers.

Most of the bar space was taken up by Jennings beers, but it was there show & there's nothing wrong with their beer.   However I can drink those on Main Street pretty much anytime I want so Andrew & myself went looking for the beers that had travelled a little further.

Helm Bar, Ghost Tractor - good milk chocolate sweetness & roast malt.   Vanilla flavour strength just right. 7/10

Helm Bar, Jabberwock - a little phenolic.   Not as advertised: hoppy, but not APA. 5/10

Hawkshead, Bitter - good pale ale. 7/10

Hawkshead, Great White - subtle coriander, bright clean hoppiness & good wheat taste. 8/10

Hardknott, Intergalactic Space Hopper - Massive grapefruity OTT hoppiness & good pithy bitterness. 9/10

Hardknott, Colonial Mischief - sweetish brown ale with good citrus hop presence. 8/10

Carlisle, Magic Number - malty with plums & raspberries. 7/10

Unsworth Yard, Land of Cartmel - decent golden ale. Fairly hoppy. 7/10

Eden, Blond Knight - bold rye taste in a blonde ale with a good hoppiness makes for an interesting beer. 8/10

Bowness Bay, Waterbird Wheat - spicy, cardomon & clove clear blonde ale. 6/10