Taste Cumbria: Cockermouth at Jennings Brewery

Submitted by DM on Wed, 12/10/2016 - 19:43
Type of review
beer festival

In September Taste Cumbria came to Cockermouth & took over Main Street for a weekend.   More importantly Jennings Brewery opened up a large room for a beer festival.   The bar was split into two: half Jennings Beers & half other Cumbrian breweries.   There wasn't too many beers to choose from, but plenty more than anyone could reasonably drink.   This however forced me to try some beers I'd usually write off as boring brown bitter & have the chance to be corrected.

Some beers of note;

Hardknott Integalactic Space Hopper was there, which is a hugely citrussy & piney hopped golden ale on keg.   Lovely stuff it is too.

Fell Brewery Late Sun was the beer of the festival for me.   The blurb says "continental style, cask wheat beer", but it doesn't resemble a Bavarian Weissebier or Belgian Wit at all.   No problem though as it has a very distinctive wheat flavour in this slightly hazy golden ale, but with a fresh citrussy hoppiness.

Hardknott Neutron Centennial was a little watery, but otherwise a perfectly reasonable citrussy hoppy golden ale.

Ennerdale Blonde Ale was a  fairly standard, traditional, blonde beer.

Helm Bar Jabberwock was a very dissapointing beer with a piney & citrus flavour - unfortunately it was more toilet cleaner style than West Coast American citrus hops.   The bar staff had a little taste & changed it quickly.   Yuck.

Ennerdale Raspberry Pale was rather interesting.   Plenty of rasperry flavour in this light ale.

Keswick K8 was ceetainly interesting, but after just two sips decided I definitely prefer beer to taste of hops than a herb garden.   Not my cup of tea at all.

Tractor Shed Heifer Hefe is a stereotypical avarian-style wheat beer in the lager style.   Good carbonation, wheat & that banana & cloves taste.   Super example of the style.

A good unfussy, unpretentious little beer festival serving local breweries beer.   This is my second one & I aim to visit every year.