The Wine Loft homebrew shop in St Helens

Submitted by DM on Tue, 20/03/2012 - 21:03
Type of review
specialist outlet

I discovered a homebrew shop in St Helens today whilst at work & had to pop in to check it out. I usually go to the really rather good The Brew Shop in Stockport, but it has to be on a weekend as I don't often get work out that way - but I work in St Helens quite a lot.

It caters for the brewer who uses kits & stocks loads of them. Vacuum packed hops were on display, but mostly English varieties (they did have Cascade however). I was told that if I rang before visiting then I could buy more-or-less anything for brewing.

Certainly worth a look.

The shop is open from 09:30 until 17:00 Monday to Friday & can be contacted on 01744 29881.

Update: I've already been back for some yeast for my mead. I picked up a Muntons IPA syrup kit as I don't know when I'll find 5 consecutive hours to brew properly in the next few weeks.