• Homebrew: Sun Outage

    4 months ago
    Comments: 2

    Having not brewed an IPA in quite a while it was time again.   Not wanting a heavy, authentically accurate India Pale Ale I've used American hops with a reputation for giving the tropical fruit flavour I love in IPAs.   I've made it a low strength alcohol beer as I prefer the taste of beer to the effects of them on me, also to keep it light & quaffable.

    Mash - 1 hour 10 mins starting at 68°C and dropping to 63°C at the end.

    2 Kg pale malt

    50g acid malt

  • Homebrew: Blueberry Sour

    3 months 2 weeks ago
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    With my last beer  - Fruity Tooti - being the best beer I've brewed in ages I wanted to try another sour beer using acid malt, but using a more normal amount in the grain bill.   I thought that a fruit addition would help this beer appeal to my friends that aren't keen on sours.

    Mash - 40 mins starting at 70°C and falling to 63°C

    2 Kg Pilsner malt

    250g acid malt

    ½ teaspoon MgSO4

  • Homebrew: Fruity Tooti

    4 months 1 week ago
    Comments: 2

    My recent beer saison made with some acid malt was a big hit with friends and as the winter weather is conducive to brewing lager, I decided to make a lager with acid malt.   Throwing caution to the wind - and receiving 100% extra acid malt for free when I bought 500g - I added more than style guidelines suggest for acid malt addition.

    After showing the ingredient list to my daughter, she came up with the name!

    Mash - 1 hour at 67°C

  • Homebrew: Perihelion

    4 months 2 weeks ago
    Comments: 4

    I've recently found myself with some extra time on my hands & naturally the thing to do is brew some more beer.   I need a stock as I'm often finishing drinking a batch as it's coming into its prime.   I'm also off to Manchester soon & will be dropping some beers off with friends, creating space under the stairs for more beer.

  • Homebrew: Something For Nothing

    4 months 2 weeks ago
    Comments: 3

    With some time on my hands I decided to make two beers in one day using the sparge water from my primary brew - Strange Attractor - and some grains left over from previous brews plus my favourite recent discovery: date molasses.

    Mash: 1 hour at 67° throughout