Bottled English-Style Bitter updated Sept 2012

Submitted by DM on Tue, 25/09/2012 - 17:38

Here is a list of bottled English-style bitter that I like (I've not included anything with less than 6.5/10) - blonde, pale & golden ales are also not included;


Brewery Beer Notes ABV Marks out of 10 Country
Nethergate Umbel Ale Good aroma hops, light, fairly dry, coriander (root not leaf) beer, smooth 3.8 9.0 England
Wolf Lupine Lots of chocolate malt but not sweet 4.0 9.0 England
Williams 80/- dark red beer, strong malty body but not very sweet, a little treacle, gentle bitterness 4.2 9.0 Scotland
Wolf Caval Ale 9503 light, dry, plenty of hoppiness 3.7 8.0 England
Isle of Arran Ale Good bitter, dryish 3.8 8.0 Scotland
Oakleaf Bitter Good ordinary English bitter 3.8 8.0 England
Ilkley Ilkley Best copper coloured beer, Goldings / Cascade style hoppiness, gentle bitterness, dry finish 4.0 8.0 England
Tryst Sir Walter Scot 80/- V good bitter, some malt but plenty of hops for an 80/- 4.0 8.0 Scotland
Ulverston  Laughing Gravy A balanced ale with some of the delicate hop aroma of their other brews 4.0 8.0 England
Arundel Sunset Malty, subtle hazelnut shells taste, some hoppy bitterness 4.2 8.0 England
Everards Tiger Good premium bitter 4.2 8.0 England
Hogs Back Brewery TEA Traditional pale ale with balanced maltiness 4.2 8.0 England
St Austell Tribute floral hoppiness, some bitterness in aftertaste, a little toffee-malt flavour 4.2 8.0 England
Cairngorm Trade Winds Pale, clean, elderflower, dryish 4.3 8.0 Scotland
Jennings World's Biggest Liar Chocolate malty, good bitterness, 4.3 8.0 England
Wood's Fuschia Perfect a perfumed floral hop flavour, a little sugar sweet 4.3 8.0 England
Black Sheep Black Sheep Bitter Bitter, dry, flinty 4.4 8.0 England
Stone Levitation massive citrus hoppiness for strength of beer, gentle malt sweetness, spicey 4.4 8.0 USA
St Peter's  organic ale fresh hoppiness withgood peppery bitterness in aftertaste, dry,  4.5 8.0 England
Badger Pumpkin Ale Spicey nutmeg & pepper flavour, not overly spiced though 4.6 8.0 England
Vale Brewery Co Buckinghamshire Ale full bodied and malty, but not too sweet, good balance of bitterness 4.6 8.0 England
Fuller's London Pride Malty but not sweet, good bitterness, some hops, biscuity 4.7 8.0 England
Ruddles County Good example of English bitter 4.7 8.0 England
Ushers Founder's Ale A little smokey, a little toffee but not sweet, full & smooth 4.7 8.0 England
Black Sheep Yorkshire Square Ale Harsh bitterness, demorara sugar but not sweet at all, 5.0 8.0 England
Marston's Double Drop good bitterness, a little yeasty, good malty body, a little peppery 5.0 8.0 England
Kingstone Brewery Gatehouse Ale Peachy, floral, sweetish beer, 5.1 8.0 Wales
Kelburn Brewery Kelburn Ca' Canny Chocolate & coffee, malty 5.2 8.0 Scotland
Oakleaf Hole Hearted Pale, clean, citrussy hoppiness, peppery bitterness, grapefruit aftertaste 5.2 8.0 England
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale Peppery bitterness,excellent hoppiness, 5.9 8.0 USA
Inveralmond Brewery Lia Fail Chocolatey & malty, not sweet too sweet, full bodied, 4.7 7.5 Scotland
West Berkshire Mr Chubbs Lunchtime Bitter Dark copper coloured bitter, full malty sweet body, delicately hopped 3.7 7.0 England
Ridgeway Bitter Fresh, good traditional bitter, hoppy as apposed to bitter 4.0 7.0 England
Traditional Scottish Ales Ben Nevis Organic 80/- Typical 80/- ale, sweet malt flavour, some toffee-caramel  4.0 7.0 Scotland
Wissey Valley Brewery Hopaholic08 Some bitterness and fresh grass hoppiness, toffee malt flavour 4.0 7.0 England
Dorset Brewing Company Chesil Lager brewed in ale style, light, citrusy, fruity yet dry 4.1 7.0 England
Hobsons Manor Ale Hazlenut shells, otherwise good English bitter 4.2 7.0 England
Holts Manchester Brown Ale Sugar sweet as well as amlty sweet, good but might get too much after a few pints 4.2 7.0 England
Isle of Skye Red Cuillin Malty, liquorice, full 4.2 7.0 Scotland
Ringwood Seventy Eight Light fruity malt flavour, some floral hop, a little honey 4.2 7.0 England
South Hams Brewery XSB Hoppy but not bitter, fruity malt 4.2 7.0 England
Strathavon Ales Old Mortality 80/- Malty, some harshness to bite 4.2 7.0 Scotland
Isle of Arran Dark Full bodied & malty with caramel treacle tastes but not too sweet 4.3 7.0 Scotland
Natural Brewing Company Premium Ale Earthy-peppery bitterness, balancing malt backbone, copper-brown colour, a little caramel 4.3 7.0 England
Salopian Darwin's Origin copper coloured English bitter, dry, Goldings hoppiness with some earthy bitterness 4.3 7.0 England
Saltaire XB Good ordinary bitter 4.3 7.0 England
St Peter's Ruby Red Ale dryish, dark malty but without the sweetness, good bitterness in aftertaste 4.3 7.0 England
Celtic Experience Native Storm Initially a malty brown beer, but gives way to a well hopped then long bitter beer. A serious beer.  4.4 7.0 Wales
Hepworth Iron Horse Ordinary copper coloured bitter, some spiciness & bitterness, 4.4 7.0 England
Outstanding OSB hazlenuts, some malty sweetness, a little peppery bitterness 4.4 7.0 England
Adnams Bitter Much malt, some toffee, dryish, sea salt 4.5 7.0 England
Badger Long Days typical Badger beer taste, raspberry, fruity, malty-sweet 4.5 7.0 England
Dent Brewery Ramsbottom Strong Ale massively malty flavour, some treacle but not sweet, big outhfilling flavour  4.5 7.0 England
Hogs Back Brewery Brooklands Gold Star Traditional bitter, tea like tannin taste, malty sweetness 4.5 7.0 England
Hook Norton Inspired Good ordinary ale, wheaty like maltiness, blonde beer 4.5 7.0 England
Itchen Valley Hambledon Bitter Subtle on honey & elderflower, sweetish,  4.5 7.0 England
Kingstone Brewery Classic Bitter Amber beer, some fragrant sweetness, 4.5 7.0 Wales
Oakleaf Reindeer's Delight Toffee and some liquorish but not sweet, light hoppiness 4.5 7.0 England
Purity Brewing UBU a little sweet, fruity, blackberry & citrus flavours 4.5 7.0 England
Tomos Watkin Old Style Bitter Cascade-grapefruit hop flavour, fruity, malty-caramel, chestnut colour 4.5 7.0 Wales
Badger England's Glory Passion fruit, v floral, light, citrus, not sweet though 4.6 7.0 England
Hook Norton Old Hooky good bitterness, malty with a little toffee flavour, 4.6 7.0 England
Oxfordshire Ales Marshmellow Good bitter, not like mashmellows at all 4.7 7.0 England
Banks's Fine Fettle copper coloured, lasting peppery bitter bite, good body to balance the bitterness 4.8 7.0 England
Fyne Ales Highlander Citrussy, grapefruit/orange, dryish, light mouthfeel, mid brown beer 4.8 7.0 Scotland
Goddards Fuggle-Dee-Dum malty, a little caramel, good earthy hop flavour thatlastes into aftertaste 4.8 7.0 England
Scottish Courage Directors malty, full bodied, some bitterness & in aftertaste, some toffee 4.8 7.0 England
South Hams Brewery Eddystone some fruity malt, grapefruit flavour cascade hoppiness 4.8 7.0 England
Wooden Hand Brewing Cornish Mutiny peppery, treacle butwithout the sweetness, some earthy hops with drying finish 4.8 7.0 England
Freeminer (Coop) Strong Brown Ale chestnut brown, big on malty sweetness, toffyish backbone, a little bitterness on aftertaste 5.0 7.0 England
O'Hanlon's Bottle Conditioned Ale (for Tesco) Balanced beer, good maltiness, some bitterness, soft 5.0 7.0 England
St Austell Admiral's Ale Good ordinary strong bitter 5.0 7.0 England
Williams 7 Giraffes Dry hoppy beer, citrussy 5.1 7.0 Scotland
Ossett Brewery Excelsior fullbodied, some hoppiness, malty sweetness 5.2 7.0 England
Caldera Ashland Amber Full bodied, malty, well hopped with citrussy hops  5.4 7.0 USA
Ilkley Mary Jane Pale golden beer, dryish, hazel nut shell flavour, fair amount of bitterness, very dry finish 3.5 6.5 England
Banks's Bitter Stereotypical English bitter, copper coloured, some earthy bitterness, malty body 3.8 6.5 England
Shepherd Neame Celebration Ale Another sensible beer from Shep' without breaking their fairly rigid mould. Hoppy, with a good bitter end  4.0 6.5 England
Wood's Parish Bitter deep copper coloured bitter, full bodied malty flavour, earthy bitterness  4.0 6.5 England
York Minster Ale copper coloured beer, light refreshing beer with good Goldings-like hoppiness, a bit DMS 4.2 6.5 England
Black Sheep Monty Python's Holy Ail Sherry-like dark fruit sweetness, flinty bitterness, demerara sugar 4.7 6.5 England
Storm Silk of Amnesia much hazlenut shell flavour, chestnut brown beer, dryish, full malt body, good bitter-dry finish 4.7 6.5 England