Homebrew: Monster Mash

Submitted by DM on Sun, 15/04/2018 - 19:21

I've always held back from brewing very strong beers as I like proper drinking beer, rather than sipping beer.   However I've got plenty of beer under the stairs, so can afford to take the extra time to ferment out a strong beer & wait for it to mature that bit longer in a bottle.   I only sparged with a minimum of water, but still the OG of 1.100 took me a little by suprise though.

Mash - 1 hour 5 mins.   66ºC initially, dropping to 60ºC at the end

A monster mash indeed
A monster mash indeed

5.5 Kg pale malt

1 teaspoon MgSO4

1 teaspoon CaSO4

½ teaspoon sea salt

Boil - 1 hour

150g of Savinjski Golding pellets added 55 mins from end

110g of Savinjski Golding pellets added 25 mins from end

90g of El Dorado pellets added 15 mins from end

8g of Irish Moss added 15 mins from end of boil

The beer was cooled to 24ºC with my wort chiller & splashed into a fermentation vessel on top of a slurry of US-05 yeast taken from my last brew Diagnosis Mango.   11 litres of wort was collected in FV.   The OG was a staggering 1.100!   If that drops to 1.030 that will give me an alcohol level of around 9.2%.

Bottle conditioned soured beers
Bottle conditioned soured beers


I added the dregs from 3 bottles of commercial soured beers after 6 days in primary fermentation with the hope that microorganisms present will take in my beer & sour it in turn.   This will help prevent it being a treacly sweet beer, although the large hop addition may already have done that.

Transferred into a secondary fermenter after 8 days.   Verdict on transfer - tastes like orange liqueur mixed with whisky.   Magnificent.

Bottled after a further 4 days in the secondary fermenter.   Verdict on bottling - this is something very special.   Not a thick treacly beer at all, but obviously has a fair amount of residual sweetness, but the masses of hops mean the bitterness more than counters this.   The El Dorado hops give it a strong orange marmalade bitterness.